What Made Tech Easier for You in 2017?

The focus of this site is always to “make tech easier” for you, the readers. Technology should always make things easier, but sometimes it can seem a lot more complicated.

We’re interested in knowing how things got a little easier on you this year, hoping that you can at least find something that became easier. To kick things off, we asked a few of our writers, “What made tech easier for you in 2017?”

Our Opinion

Phil reports that the tech that revolutionized his life more than anything this year is Reflector 2 (recently upgraded to 3) from Air Squirrels. “With it I can record iOS and Android devices into the Mac in HD cleanly and at pretty much full speed.” He reports that it’s amazing.

For Simon it was definitely upgrading his smartphone. While he loves all the latest gadgets, he admits to also being quite stubborn when it comes to upgrading, especially if his current hardware is working well. “I eventually bit the bullet and got a new phone, and I can’t help but wonder why I didn’t do the upgrade sooner!” He’s found many nice features and “qualify-of-life” options that have helped make tech easier for him.


Fabio agrees with him on that, noting that upgrading both his phone and tablet have made things much easier for him.

As a self-described adversary of anything with monthly fees, Jeffry is quite surprised that what made tech easier for him in 2017 is subscription services. “From Spotify to Setapp to Grammarly to the more traditional services like phone and Internet provider, these services take the headache of looking for and keeping up with individual items that I need to keep my tech life going.” He reports that the convenience beats the price that he has to pay.

Ryan reports that the Amazon Echo Dot made tech easier for him this year. “I was very skeptical of having an AI sitting in my living room listening to my conversations; however, I find it incredibly useful,” such as being able to ask for music requests while fixing dinner or asking what the day’s headlines are. He finds it “addictive and satisfying.”

The ability to root and mod his phone makes tech easier for Damien. “Using a custom ROM on my Android phone added a lot of customization features, and I am able to get it to work exactly the way I want, increasing my productivity.”

For me it was undoubtedly upgrading my iPad. I needed a new one badly, and with the new iPad and iOS 11, I am able to be so much more productive with split screen, app switcher, and the “dock.” I can’t imagine how I got through my work before without it.

Your Opinion

Did a new device make tech easier for you this year or was it a new app, IoT, customizations, or something else entirely? We’d like to hear from you, too. What made tech easier for you in 2017? Let us know below in the comments section.

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