What Is Your Favorite Browser? [Poll]

The poll two week ago was “Do you wish to see Delicious shut down?” and the results were out. 51% of you don’t use the Delicious bookmarking service and it doesn’t matter if it close down or not. 42% of you have hoped that Delicious DO NOT get shut down. A mere 7% wish to see the closure of Delicious. A total of 84 votes were casted.

Poll results and this week’s poll after the jump.


The question for this week’s poll is: What is your favorite browser?

Let’s the voting begin.

Feel free to leave in the comment your favorite browser if it is not in the list.

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  1. FF4B FTW!!

    … and you shouldn’t have mentioned IE versions since you didn’t mention the versions of the rest!

    1. I added IE 9 in because it is not an official release and the new features are much better than IE 8. Chances are people who don’t like IE 8 might like IE 9.

      1. And the only reason I chose Firefox is because of the version 4 (beta)! Would you add that too? You either write add all beta versions or don’t specify! :)

        Note: Older firefox versions aren’t competent from my point of view, so this case is exactly like IE’s!

  2. Cometbird, which is a derivative of Firefox. It uses less resources than Firefox, which is important for me on a laptop with only 2gb of RAM. Quite indistinguishable from Firefox otherwise, though.

  3. Avant browser is my default .i
    used firefox, chrome, opera, ie .finally, I back to avant browser.

    Yeah, chrome is very fast, but it instable and
    takes up too much memory.

    Avant browser use less memory and no crash .good

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