What Is The Best Technology You Have Discovered in 2007?

Year 2007 is coming to an end and it is time to do a wrap-up on the interesting things that happened this year. Rather than me babbling about it (which is going to be boring), I’m going to take a different, more interactive and fun approach.

I want you to tell me what is the best technology that you have discovered in 2007.

I am sure all of you have benefited from some of the wonderful technology in 2007. Now it is time for you to show your appreciation. Blog about the best technology that you have discovered in year 2007.

It is very easy, here is how it works:

  1. First write a post on your blog about the best technology (based on any of the following topic) you discovered/liked/benefited/contributed in the year 2007.
  2. Send a pingback to this post (by including this link in your post).
  3. I will compile a list of the best technology in 2007 (with a link back to your blog) and announce it in this blog.

You can choose any of the following categories to blog on:


What is the best gadget that you discovered in year 2007? Why do you think is the best and how has it benefited you?

Computer software

What is the best computer software that you have used in year 2007? Is it Windows Vista, Ubuntu Gutsy, or Mac OSX Leopard?

Web technology

How has the evolution of web technology affected you and which particular one benefited you the most? Is it social networking (such as Facebook), social bookmark (such as StumbleUpon, del-icio.us or digg), Youtube, Gmail 2.0 or whatever? Share it with us.

Social media Site

What is the best social media site that you have come across in 2007 and changed your way of living?

Life hacking tip

What is the best life hacking tip you received in 2007 that helped you, or even saved your business from crumbling? Share it with us.

Some guidelines

  1. Please blog on only one topic that you really think is the best.
  2. You don’t have to follow the crowd. If you don’t like Digg, you can always write a post on why you feel that Mixx should be the best website in 2007, even though no one in the World seems to do that, except for Tad.
  3. Please remember to send a pingback to this post; else I won’t be able to compile the list. If you don’t understand what a pingback is, it simply means putting a link back to this url in your post.
  4. The closing date is 22nd Dec 2007. I will compile the list after the closing date and announce it around Christmas.

Why should I participate?

Participating in this project is purely voluntary; however, this is a good chance for you to express your appreciation to the technology that you have benefited from. What’s more?

  1. You have the opportunity to discover other technologies that you have missed out for the whole of year 2007.
  2. There will be a link back to your blog, which mean more exposure and traffic for your blog.
  3. Make new friends in the process.
  4. This is a chance for you to step outside of your niche and reach new readers and potential customers.

Once again, this project will end at midnight 22nd Dec 2007. I will waiting for the pingback.

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