1. I’d be very cautious indeed about using SSO for any account I cared about in the least. Just a couple of days ago it was reported that more than 40% of popular mobile apps that support SSO have an incorrect implementation of OAuth that leaves them vulnerable to man-in-the -middle attacks. It seems to me that you are far better off using a password manager such as KeePass or LastPass, which work everywhere, not just on sites that support SSO, and are designed for security from the ground up.

    1. I hope the bug(s) get fixed quickly, such things do happen, you can never be completely secure online. Password managers do have their advantages, though.

  2. Very nice article Ada! There are lots of conversations about the advantages of Single Sign On but you’ll find very less debates on its disadvantages and your blog post is one of them. The choice between whether to choose it or not is very well explained in your article. Helped me a lot. Thanks.

  3. Hi Ada,
    The article seems well written and easy to understand but the concepts with social login and SSO needs to be more clear. As far as my knowledge goes, Social login is a different technique in login process. Considering logging with Social media sites as an example of SSO does not seem correct to me. A better perspective would be to provide an amalgamation of both techniques for making login process easier.

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