What Is Google Lens and How Does It Work?

Google is always trying to find ways to keep their users happy, and Google Lens is proof of that. It was announced at Google’s I/O 2017 keynote and is something that is already available on Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones.

The idea is for Google Lens to be a part of every Android device that runs on Android Marshmallow and up. But time will tell when and if that actually happens. Until that time comes, let’s see what it consists of.

Google Lens is a smart camera app that will show you information or options depending on what the camera detects. You can think of Google Lens as a visual search engine whose actions will depend on what it’s detecting. For example, let’s say that you point your device’s camera at the SSID sticker on your router.


What Google Lens will then do is connect to your WiFi network without you having to type in your password. You can also point your camera at a movie poster, and Google Lens will show you movie times and reviews.

If you scan a flyer with information such as an email, Google Lens will offer you the option of sending that person an email (with Gmail).

Google Lens can also give you information on landmarks and buildings. If tours are being provided in that building or monument, Google Lens will show you the business hours and any other information that’s available.

Google Lens will also come in handy for those who love to travel since it will be able to translate content in real time.


When Google decides to launch Lens, you’ll be able to find it on apps such as Google Assistant and Google Photos. A fantastic feature that Google Lens will bring is being able to remove a fence that is obstructing your view of the baseball player you are trying to take a picture of.

That is a feature that many photo editing tools have, but it’s usually too difficult to use for many.

Other apps will include Lens in time, but so far Google has not mentioned a time frame. It’s still too early to know if Google Lens will be available in any other apps, but hopefully Google will keep everyone up to date on this.

Google Lens is already available for those who have a Pixel 2 or a Pixel 2 XL phone that were launched in late October. The plans to roll out Google Lens on other devices are out there, but so far no time frame has been announced.

Google Lens has all the potential to be the search engine of the future. Instead of having to manually type to get information on something, you’ll now be able to search with your camera.

For now, it’s limited as to how many can use it, but you can bet that is going to change as soon as possible. Do you think you’ll give Google Lens a try? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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