What Happens When You Block Someone on WhatsApp

What Happens When You Block Someone Whatsapp Hero

Unless it’s a spam number or annoying advertising, you don’t always want people to know that you blocked them. Your reasons are your own, and maybe you just want a bit of peace and quiet from your conspiracy-theorist friend or an ex that you’re trying to get over. But what exactly will happen when you block someone on WhatsApp? Will messages just bounce back? Will there be a notification for the blocked contact?

Here’s everything you need to know.

So you’ve blocked someone on WhatsApp. (To do it, open a chat with the person you want to block, click the three-dot menu icon -> More -> Block.) At your end, nothing more will happen. You won’t know that the person is trying to contact you, and it’ll be just like they’re not messaging you any more.

The blocked person won’t directly know they’ve been blocked, but they’ll have a few telltale signs. Namely:

  • The second checkmark on a sent message, denoting it’s been received at the other end, won’t appear for them. Their sent messages to you will only have one checkmark.
  • They won’t get updates to your Last Seen status, profile picture, or notifications that you’re online.
  • Their calls to you won’t ever go through.

So it won’t take too much for the blocked party to figure it out and suspect they’ve been blocked, though they’ll never get 100 percent confirmation that it happened.

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You, as the blocker, don’t need to worry about hearing from the blocked person ever again (until you choose to unblock them, that is). So enjoy that freedom from those you don’t want to hear from!

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