What Feature Do You Want Most For the Upcoming iPhone 5S? [Poll]

It’s about that time of year again – the fall, and that means Apple is widely believed to be gearing up to release another version of the iPhone. It always involves a lot of excitement, even when it’s not a complete redesign like the expected iPhone 5S. The question that leaves us all with is what features will the 5S have?

Without a complete redesign, there are still plenty of features that could be changing. One feature of particular interest is a larger screen size. Many mobile phones currently have sizes larger than the iPhone, and maybe it’s time for them to step up to the plate. Other phones are also much cheaper, and because of that the iPhone is expected to be released in a cheaper plastic version with different color versions alongside a more regular-priced phone. There have been pictures showing up of a gold iPhone. Is this the 5S or the cheaper iPhone? There are also other rumored changes, such as a fingerprint sensor, upgraded rear camera, an improved battery life, and an A7 processor.

Which of these rumored features are you most looking forward to for the iPhone 5S?

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Over forty percent of those responding feel the focus of the JOBS movie would have been better placed on his whole life, instead of just the beginning of Apple Computers until Steve Jobs makes his return. A quarter felt it would have been better with just a focus on the very beginning of the company with Jobs and Woz in the fabled garage. Over fifteen percent of responders thought the movie would have improved if the focus was on how Apple changed the music and mobile industry. A tenth felt the focus should have been on Jobs’ entire career, and a handful thought the focus should have been on the end of Jobs’ life.

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  1. I’ll never buy an overpriced Apple product, ever.
    I’m very happy with my HTC phone.
    So NO “i” anything for me.

    The 32GB HP TouchPad is a far better device than Apple’s iPad, and it can run on both operating systems, WebOS, and a free Android, with tons of free apps.

  2. I think that hardware lack of AMOLED screen, NFC and Wireless Charing is the most important defect, and in software it lacks swype and Google Voice input in keyboard. Without the mentioned things I’d never buy such an dumb-expensive phone whereas Google Nexus 4 has all of them and costs 200 USD.

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