What Do You Personally Do to Make Tech Easier for Yourself?

This site is dedicated to making tech easier, whether it’s help with installing a new OS, advice on the best apps for a certain task, or explaining something very technical in layman’s terms. Many of us already have things that we do to make tech easier, though, so we asked our writers, “What do you do to make tech easier?

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Trevor tries to manage his Pocket account so it’s not too full of junk that he thought he would use. Additionally, he “goes all in” on new tech when he’s trying it out. He’ll “run two systems and decide which is better.”

Simon finds that “it’s always healthy to keep a finger on the pulse of technology and have a sense of curiosity as well.” He learns about new technology and how it works to “help demystify the world of tech and make it easier to judge” whether it’s “the next best thing or simply a passing fad.” He also likes to make tech easier for his family as well.


Alex always asks “why something works the way it does.” He notes that it’s one thing to understand the steps you’re taking to solve a problem, but if you understand why you’re doing it, “you can generalize the solution to other situations and problems.”

For Phil it all comes down to documentation. He advises to “read the flipping manual and write down everything you do, photograph stuff you take apart, and generally make notes as you go.” The only time he has difficult with tech is when he can’t remember what he did before.

As for me, it may sound simple, but I just try to stay calm and go through one step at a time. When we look at a problem as a whole, it can seem insurmountable, but if you go one step at a time and stay calm, you can keep from getting frustrated with it, thereby making it easier.

Your Opinion

Other than looking for help on this site, what else do you do to make tech easier? Do you follow similar steps as our writers or do you have your own methods? Join our conversation below in the comments and let us know what you do.

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Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.


  1. I read a lot of Technology articles and occasionally experiment with things that capture my interest or are areas likely to be helpful in my work or to help others.

  2. Because I’m already a techie I just canvas all the technology websites that I fancy, and keep my ears close to the ground for what’s coming down the pike. For myself and my family, the one thing I do and have done to make my tech life easier is install Linux on any PC that I get my hands on. As it is simpler for me and almost all the people I introduce it to than the “new” Windows or the “pricey” Apple!

  3. The most time consuming and obtuse aspects of technology today revolve around the surveillance and data-gathering paradigm our arrogant and manipulative tech lords have established in recent years.

    Switching to Linux has made tech easier for me. I no longer spend countless hours tweaking, updating, installing, checking and double-checking a system, which has been weaponized against me, for security holes. I might as well been chasing my own tail. Same with the sites I visit in that I will not be complicit in the illegal data-mining and sharing that’s a core problem.

    Rooting my Android devices, firewall, Open Source apps, Permission-friendly apps, security/privacy extensions for my browsers, VPN service, ad-blocking.

    Not accepting the marketing hype and questioning cloud “solutions” (and calling them out) are also integral in Making Tech Easier.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly. I don’t use “cloud technology” at ALL. I save my data?….to an external 4TB USB portable HDD! Yeah….I know it sounds old school, and a lot of the younger crowd will look at me like I’m weird or something, but you know what?….my data is as safe as I MAKE IT…..not how some CLOUD COMPANY DECIDES to make it!!! I’ll never understand the current mindset that these companies and corporations have your best interests at heart. Have they learned nothing from all the data breaches and exposed user accounts throughout the years? And yes…I realize the corporation is not to blame for being hacked or breached, but why should I risk my Social Security# being exposed?…or my accounting information of my bank?…or even my passwords for sites?….yeah no thanks. Let all those who have placed their faith in these companies support them. I won’t. Nor do I plan on driving a “driverless” car….or letting a robot live in my home…or replacing my SOLID, PHYSICAL front door keylock with a TOUCHPAD device!…its like the more we advance with technology the stupider we get….I mean really?….a TOUCHPAD/ANDROID device for your FRONT DOOR?…..we’ve seen LIFE-LOCK….the people who are touting themselves as keeping your identity safe GET HACKED!…..so why on Earth would you place your files and folders in something called the “cloud”?…with no REAL assurances that your data isn’t being viewed….or that its completely safe!?….Like I said…..I’ll stick to my USB hard drives…..(I see they now have a 5TB USB portable hard drive on the market…I am definitely getting one to have even MORE room to back up my data and keep it safe with ME!)

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