What Are WhatsApp Call Links and How to Use Them

Meta recently brought a new call links feature to WhatsApp that allows users to invite others to a call via a shareable link. In this post, we detail WhatsApp's latest option and explain how the links work.

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If you have ever used a popular video calling service like Zoom, Google Meet, or even FaceTime, you might be familiar with call links. WhatsApp now has a similar functionality for both video and voice calls using the call links feature.

To put it into perspective, WhatsApp call links allow you to create or join calls with anyone on WhatsApp without manually calling people. Create and share the call link with others, then anyone with the link can join the call.

Whatsapp Call Links Meaning

Moreover, links can be helpful for creating scheduled calls. For instance, tell someone that a call will be held at 3PM, then share the link with them. When the time comes, both of you will need to open the link to join the call. You won't need to call them.

With regular WhatsApp calls, you needed to know the person’s WhatsApp number. The call links feature eradicates that need, as you can send the link to anyone.

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Any WhatsApp user can create a call link. They don’t need to be the admin of a group or a user with special privileges. The call links feature is available on iOS and Android and will not work if you're using the desktop app.

Note: you should update the WhatsApp app before trying the steps mentioned below.

  1. Launch WhatsApp on your mobile phone.
  2. Tap on the "Calls" tab and hit the "Create call link" button.
Whatsapp Call Links
  1. The call link screen will show up with your link. Select the type of call that you want to create by tapping on the "Call type" option and selecting video or voice.
Whatsapp Call Links Type
  1. Tap on "Send link via WhatsApp" to share the link with any of your WhatsApp contacts in a WhatsApp group or chat. Or, tap on the "Copy link" button to share the link outside of WhatsApp via email or other messaging apps. You can also share the link via any app using the "Share link" button.
Whatsapp Call Links Share

FYI: calls created or joined via links will display a link symbol (Android) or the "Call Link" text tag (iPhone) in WhatsApp's call history to make them easily identifiable.

Each time you use the call link option, a new link is created. Each call link is unique. Interestingly, nothing will happen to the earlier links that you created, meaning they won't expire immediately. They will continue to work, and you can still join calls using them.

Whatsapp Call Links Share Type

If you want to remove or revoke an old link, WhatsApp hasn’t provided an option to permanently delete existing call links. However, you can unsend the message using the "Delete for Everyone" option to remove the call link from the conversation or group so that the others won't have access to it anymore. However, if someone saved the link, you won't be able to stop them from joining your call.

If you're worried that random people with the call link will be able to call you without having your number, don't stress. Even if someone has access to the link, they cannot call and interact with you unless you've joined the call yourself. If you don’t join the call, older links will not harm you in any way. Your existing link will become non-functional if it stays unused for 90 days.

If you want to reuse an old link, you must store it somewhere. For example, you can save the link in a notes app or favorite it using the star feature of WhatsApp.

Tip: while WhatsApp accounts don't have usernames, you can easily share your WhatsApp profile with others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone join a WhatsApp call using a call link?

Anyone with access to the call link can join the call. The only requirement is that the user should have a WhatsApp account. If a person who isn’t a WhatsApp user receives the link, they will be redirected to download the WhatsApp app.

What happens when someone joins a call link?

After tapping on the Join button, the recipient will be taken directly to the call screen. There’s no concept of a waiting room in WhatsApp calls as of now – anyone can join or leave at any time. You won’t be notified when someone joins a call, so you need to remember to join.

Can users you've blocked join your call links?

If you created the link, then the answer is no. People you've blocked on WhatsApp will not be able to join a call created via the link. However, they may be able to join a group convo initiated by another person.

Are WhatsApp call links safe?

Yes. Even the calls are end-to-end encrypted. However, anyone having access to the link can send the call link to others or add people to calls, so only share your WhatsApp call link with trusted people.

Can you join a call using a link from your PC?

No. WhatsApp call links do not work on PC. If you click on one from your desktop, you'll be asked to join the call by selecting the link on your phone or to scan the provided QR code with your phone's camera.

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