At What Age Should Kids Be Exposed to the Internet? [Poll]

For this week poll: At What Age Should Kids Be Exposed to Internet?

While there are tons of parental control software out there, the fundamental question you should ask is whether you should allow your kids to access the Internet at a young age. Some parents want their kids to start early so they can start to learn how the Web works and hopefully become another Mark Zuckerberg, while others prefer to delay the process as much as possible to prevent their kids from accessing inappropriate materials from the Web.

We know that there are areas of the Internet that can be potentially dangerous to young people, yet the aforementioned parental control software is supposed to help guard against those dangers, keeping kids way from “adult” sites. On the flip side, the Internet can also be educational. Gone are the days of hauling out the encyclopedia set or hitting the library to complete work for a school research paper.

There is definitely no right or wrong answer, and it is never an easy decision to make whether to allow your kids to access the Internet or not.

Now is your turn to tell us: at which age do you think is appropriate to expose the kids to the Internet?

Do you have an opinion? Be sure to tell us what it is in the comments! We’d also love to hear why you made the choice you did, and what makes your choice the best for your children.

Image credit: Child using a laptop computer by BigStockPhoto