8 of the Weirdest Cryptocurrencies You Probably Never Heard Of

Unless you’ve been actively avoiding the Internet, you’ve probably heard of Bitcoin by now, but what about Bitcoiin? Yes, with two “i’s.” How about Garlicoin? PutinCoin? Because it’s getting progressively easier to make a new cryptocurrency, there are now (as of April 2018) over 1500 of them. Some are very solid projects, some are probably scams, and an enchanting minority are just entertainingly bizarre. Here are eight of the weirdest cryptocurrencies you probably never heard of.

How easy is it to make a cryptocurrency?

Scientifically speaking, making a new cryptocurrency is a bit harder than making toast, but not quite as hard as making a toaster. With a computer, some imagination, and a few hours to spare, almost anyone can make one (results may vary).

Before Ethereum, most new cryptocurrencies (like Litecoin) were built by copy-pasting code from Bitcoin, making a few tweaks, and rebranding. After Ethereum, it got even easier. You can now launch a cryptocurrency with its own unique code that rides on top of the existing Ethereum network.

In short, the barrier to entering crypto is now extremely low. As a result, the Internet has become a much funnier place.

1. Garlicoin

“Baked with our special ingredient, copy/paste.™ Hot out of the oven, and with a boast of features identical to and present in countless other cryptocurrencies.”


Garlicoin was forked (copy-pasted) from Litecoin, and it may or may not have developers working on it. Originally, it was mostly focused on garlic bread, but there seems to have been a community shift towards garlic in general, most likely because it was not originally named “GarlicBreadCoin.”

2. PutinCoin and TrumpCoin


Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are currently the only world leaders lucky enough to have their own eponymous cryptocurrency, though neither of them is publicly affiliated with their coins. TrumpCoin is specifically meant for advancing Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” agenda. PutinCoin doesn’t specify any precise use aside from being good for Russia and presumably helping you ride more bears.

The TrumpCoin FAQ section is worth checking out, if only for entertaining lines like “Why is TrumpCoin called an Alt-Coin?

3. Useless Ethereum Token


“The world’s first 100% honest Ethereum ICO. No value, no security, and no product. Just me, spending your money.

You can buy it, hold it, and trade it just like any other Ethereum token, but Useless Ethereum Token has absolutely no use and never will. It’s not a scam, but the creator has made it very clear that the purpose of the token is just to get him money, which he will probably spend on televisions. His brutal honesty has netted him around 310 Ether, worth $200,000 USD (April 2018 prices). As the site helpfully points out, that is enough for 167 televisions.

4. Finally Usable Crypto Karma Token [Warning: strong language on site]


Until now, “there has been no universal standard for the valuation of a f***,” but now there is. Thanks to the miracle of cryptocurrencies, everyone in the world now has the power to give a “Finally Usable Crypto Karma.” This is a tongue-in-cheek cryptocurrency focused on tipping – like a more tangible form of “Karma” on Reddit or “Likes” on Facebook. If you see something you like, you can give a “Finally Usable Crypto Karma” about it.

5. Wu-Tang Coin and CREAM


Before you read the title, you probably didn’t know that Wu-Tang Clan had a cryptocurrency, but by the end of this sentence, you’ll know that they actually have two: Wu-Tang Coin and CREAM. When Dirty Coin launches later this year, there will be three. Wu-Tang Coin was created to raise money to buy the secret, one-copy album “Once Upon a Time in Shaolin” and release it to the public. CREAM was founded by Ghostface Killah and named after the Wu-Tang song “C.R.E.A.M (Cash [Crypto] Rules Everything Around Me).” Due to market saturation, however, CREAM is opting to focus more on its network of cryptocurrency ATMs than its coin.

6. Bitcoiin


Last but not least, Bitcoiin was started in an effort to make a better Bitcoin by combining elements of Bitcoin with elements of Ethereum. The name was perhaps a poor choice, as Google continually autocorrects it to “Bitcoin,” but they managed to get Steven Seagal on board as their brand ambassador, which … makes it better? As of March 2018, however, the founders and Steven Seagal have left the organization in order to make the cryptocurrency more autonomous.

Conclusion: The Good, the Weird, and the Ugly

Some cryptocurrencies are truly zany affairs, but in my research I came across a lot of coins with relatively serious goals and distinctly odd names. Byteball? ælf? Bottos? Phore? My final takeaway is that a lot of well-meaning cryptocurrency creators need to go into a big, echoey cavern and repeatedly yell the name of their cryptocurrency until they’re sure it doesn’t sound completely bonkers.

Andrew Braun Andrew Braun

Andrew Braun is a lifelong tech enthusiast with a wide range of interests, including travel, economics, math, data analysis, fitness, and more. He is an advocate of cryptocurrencies and other decentralized technologies, and hopes to see new generations of innovation continue to outdo each other.


  1. I don’t buy into this foolishness. There is no such thing as “inventing” currency. I’m surprised that people who would otherwise be considered rational are actually refinancing their mortgages just to purchase this foolishness. But I guess when something drastic happens they’ll figure out that this isn’t how you go about it. Creating a currency that has no centralization is stupid. One day its worth millions the day after that?…its worth a couple of hundred? How can something as volatile that be considered a “safe bet” when dealing with your hard earned money? But I guess there wouldn’t be “fool’s gold” if there weren’t fools to go looking for it! AS for me?…I’ll stick to REAL money and save it in REAL banks and earn REAL interest on it. Let others do as they will.

    1. I almost agree with you Eddie G., but I have real money in real banks and I get practically no interest!

      1. Ahhh! But Tim M. Unlike this “crap-to-currency”?…….you have various avenues with which to increase your interest/earnings exponentially. You ever see what happens to $5,000 when you invest it in a long term interest-bearing account (such as a Money Market, or Long Term Capital Investment) you end up with a LOT more than $5,000….thats for sure! And don’t misunderstand, while this BotCoin thing seems like its sound, (hey…..its even gotten on the stock trade ticker right!?) its not. Let me paint you a picture:

        So you’re fresh out of college…..you wanna “Change The World” but as fate would have it you end up working for a decent paying company, you have your beautiful wife, and your second child on the way, …..things aren’t “tight” but you don’t go around spending money like its plentiful. You stumble across this BitchCoin and decide its “A Sure Thing” since….after all everyone’s abuzz about it and the prices for just one of them look absolutely heavenly. So in order to amass the most coins you can, you reach into the family bank account….you know…..the one that WAS going to pay for your kids’ college, the one that WAS going to continue growing so that you and the Missus cold retire happy, the one that WAS going to take care of your family should anything happen to you (life insurance only goes so far!) and you dump it into this coin stuff. It looks good for about a year, and then when you think it can “look” any better? you decide you’re gonna cash out and call it a day. EXCEPT because of the volatility of this so-called currency?…..what looked heavenly just a few months ago now looks the complete opposite, and now you’re trying to figure out where you’re going to get money…..to replace the money you touched…..in order to try and make money……on a form of money…..THAT HAS NOTHING TO BACK IT BUT ALGORITHMS ON THE INTERNET? Why is it no one can see that this is the dumbest thing since “Salt Flavored SALT”? Its like….people ENJOY being taken advantage of? You would think with all the Ponzii schemes, and the Bernie Madaoffs…..(who “MADE OFF” with over FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS!) people would wise up and stick to the tried-and-true. But looks like everyone’s just interested in getting rich quick. And it just doesn’t happen that way, except when you play the lottery. And even then?…..you have a higher probability of getting hit by lightning, struck by a plane, marooned on an island, hit by a meteorite, and even attacked by an electric eel than you do of hitting it. Why an no one see that taking your hard earned REAL money to “place your bet” on something that isn’t even really there….is a BAD IDEA!?

        1. Cryptocurrency speculation sounds so much like the Dutch Tulip Craze of the early 1600’s.

      2. @Tim M:
        “I have real money in real banks and I get practically no interest!”
        I hear ya and I feel your pain. However, cryptocurrencies ARE NOT the long term way of increasing your money. You have a better chance by playing Power Ball or other lotteries but that is not to say you should.

        At this time, the best and easiest way for you to increase your money is to get higher rates on your money. Bankrate.com compiles data about banks and bank rates (CD, savings, money market, checking, credit cards). Check the site to see whether you can get better rates.

  2. Obligatory “I am not a financial advisor” disclaimer, but if you want higher long-term returns on your fiat currency, I’d suggest looking into index funds and Roth/Regular IRAs. Those can often get you better long-run returns than most CDs and other accounts will these days.

    Also, I’m inclined to agree with some of the above statements–putting all your money into cryptocurrency or treating it like a magic money-doubling machine is totally the wrong way to look at this new technology. It’s awesome, it’s innovative, it has a huge amount of potential, but the most exciting thing about it isn’t even its potential to be a currency, it’s all the other neat stuff you can do with blockchains. Self-sovereign identity, supply chain management, e-government, “world computers,” IOT applications, etc. It should be treated more as investing in a startup–before you buy and hold a cryptocurrency, check to see how realistic a real-world use case for it is.

  3. There you go Tim. M. – Advice from others who have even more knowledge that I do! Although??….@Andrew Braun?

    “it’s all the other neat stuff you can do with blockchains. Self-sovereign identity, supply chain management, e-government, “world computers,” IOT applications, etc. It should be treated more as investing in a startup–before you buy and hold a cryptocurrency, check to see how realistic a real-world use case for it is.” – While this might seem exciting to those who have the capital to play with it? The middle-aged guy or gal who’s been saving for most of their life, and who have a sizable amount stowed away? Would be disinclined to agree with you about this being “exciting” or being “neat”. Even corporations aren’t interested in this type of tech.


    Imagine….the technological world which CREATED cloud technology…..ISN’T interested in a technology such as this? There has got to be a good reason for it. And basically it all boils down to it being too “new” to be of real use yet. But I guess there are those who will throw caution to the wind and will do what they must in order to buy into crypto-currencies. Thos who know better?….won’t

    1. Eddie G. – You make a fair point about investing in anything requiring a bit of capital, but that limitation may actually apply less to cryptocurrencies than to stocks. The barrier-to-entry for investing in cryptocurrency is quite low; buying some Bitcoin or Ethereum is pretty user-friendly, and trading it for for other currencies is getting easier. Even RobinHood, the no-fee stock-trading app, is getting into it, which will make it even more accessible to entry-level investors than before. Should people invest in it or even necessarily care about it? That’s up to them–if they want to do their own research and hold some currencies, that’s cool; if not, cryptocurrency index funds are becoming a thing.

      As to enterprise interest in blockchain tech, the Gartner survey does show a prevalent skepticism about blockchain technology, which, to be honest, is fairly warranted in what is currently a very young field. Nonetheless, there are a lot of major enterprise initiatives and use cases already out there:

      – IBM has a whole section devoted to Blockchain research, including a project called SecureKey, which is already using blockchain to manage seven million identities for major Canadian banks.

      Microsoft Azure has several blockchain projects in progress, including work on the ID2020 decentralized identity initiative.

      JPMorgan has a blockchain team, and even their own blockchain project called Quorum.

      A lot of shipping/logistics companies are experimenting with blockchain for supply chain management.

      A ton of fintech institutions, banks, and tech companies have been working on using the R3 Corda blockchain.

      For a much longer list, here’s a very nicely-organized list of 293 other companies that are experimenting with blockchain technology in one form or another: https://outlierventures.io/corporate-tracker/#ecosystem

      Of course, it’s still early in the game, and some aspects of the new tech are undoubtedly overhyped, but the level of research being poured into this is a pretty good indicator of its potential–and even if it turns out not to be the next major step forward in the information age, it’s pretty likely that with this many avenues being explored by so many people, at least a few game-changing applications will emerge.

      1. @Andrew Braun: The key word in a lot of those articles and statements you’ve made is “experiment”. I don’t doubt that there will be a market-purpose-cause-or use-case-scenario for blockchain technology. I wasn’t really debating that point. MY “grumblings” are aimed at people who are buying into Bitcoin and crypto-currency by refinancing their MORTGAGES, or dipping into their kids’ COLLEGE FUND in order to purchase something whose value swings like a pendulum severely. Its nonsensical to think you can get rich doing something like that. CAN it happen? Of course, but the ODDS of it happening, ESPECIALLY by those who have no real knowledge of what crypto-currency really is is incredulous. As for banks and their shady-ways, listen…..in the end people will do what they want to do with their money……after all its not you or I who have worked the long hours or done the extra overtime in order to get it. But you would think after all the things we’ve seen in the news about so-called “Private Investors” taking people’s money and promising them a “sure thing” if they can just wait it out for 12 to 17 months……that people would be “smarter’ with their money. Personally? I don’t care what anyone else does with their finances, and should they get wealthy dealing with crypto-currency? then I congratulate them and wish them luck. Its just annoying to read all kinds of articles by people who THINK they know what’s-what…..telling people to cash out their 401k’s and buy crypto-currency….or to refinance a mortgage (this one really gets under my skin…some folks are so close to paying it off…..only to place themselves BACK into debt to “play” something their investor-friend told them about!) It makes me kinda upset, because not for nothing….while blockchain technology might have uses….crypto-currency to me?…..comes across as the newest version of a Ponzii scheme: take a lot of your “real” money…and invest in “money” that isn’t backed by ANY government?…or country?…then WHO is dictating what its VALUE is?. It sounds so much like a scheme that its frightening that it made it THIS far…..because when you look at the inner workings of a Ponzii scheme?…its almost similar:

        An investor (we’ll call him “Bernie” for now, LoL!) gets you to invest $20,000 in his “latest and greatest “Next-Big-Thing” then he finds five more people to do the same, that’s “Round 1″….the next five people he finds?…he tells them he’s got a $100,000 investment they can’t lose with. (This would be the money from the first 5 people, because $20K x 5 = $100K) then he finds another set of five (or ten…or twenty the number can vary!) and tells them the same thing….at SOME point?…he’ll have to reach into that pile of money to give to the “initial” investors…so that they feel they’ve hit the jackpot….and they INVEST MORE…..and it keeps going and going until eventually?…there’s no money left…(after all there’s only going to be a finite number of people he’ll be able to reach…not to mention…not everyone will fall for it…and may ask for their money back…..or might ask for their “dividends” early…for whatever reason)

        This is how Bitcoin and the other crypto-currencies sound to me…..who DOES set their value?…why isn’t this person considered the “Chairman” of the committee that should be regulating these currencies?…and WHY do the values of these currencies fluctuate so wildly?…nah….something’s DEFINITELY wrong with it. Its just going to be ugly if it ever comes crashing down because a few poor souls will find themselves completely penniless. Or at least in a state that’s not as comfortable as before….all in an effort to get-rich-quick. And as far as THAT goes?…I would rather follow THIS man’s advice then to invest in something like crypto-currency!


  4. Dear Friends hello,

    I have read the words : ” REAL Money” by someone in this blog and I say that there is no real money besides “GOLD” . Only gold coins or gold bars or silver bars are the real money now days as it has been before. I do not like Banks because they harvest all the “real money = gold in any form” and gave us fake paper money equal value!!!!!!! Think about it a bit… Not only gave us paper money but also charge us with fees any time we want to make a transaction as a third party authority they supposed to be. So banks are gathering all the money by circulating paper money of no REAL value at all. We do all the transactions with paper and only a few transactions with metal money but they worth much more cheaper according to the big transactions made with paper money.!!! The paper money has a value because the bank says so … did you get the idea??

    The questions are very reasonable …!!! like : 1] Banks are trusted by who??? Who are behind all of this??
    2] Why the Banks do not circulate gold coins anymore and instead of this they are storing them in their vaults???
    Well , if you think about it a lot of transactions are made electronically and the amounts of money in someones account are a bunch of zeroes and ones and these are what you see when you make a transaction. You do not see the actual storage the Bank have, BECAUSE you trust the Bank…. ohhhh seriously ????? Who you actually trust??? And how about the plastic money???? Credit cards for example!!!!
    So why people fear digital coins ??? I cannot understand… They trust Credit Cards to make transactions ( NOT REAL MONEY) and they are against Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency????
    I say that these kind of people , do not know in what world they are living in…!!!

    The people who are “behind the scene” DO NOT WANT the people to have cash in their pockets. But they want to have Credit Cards ??? What they really want??? They want us to have companies like Paypal to depend upon or other third party companies to make electronic transactions but THEY DO NOT WANT blockchain tecknology!!!! Why???
    Obviously they do not wan to loose the fees as a third parties they are…they do not want to loose your trust to them.
    So all the digital coins that are using the blockchain technology are not good at all. (according to them of course..)
    Brain wash people minds with it and let them kill each other with no actual money in their pockets at all..
    You must understand that the blockchain technology is the enemy of the Banks and not the digital coins because the blockchain technology is for all the people making transactions without third parties. Without the “Big Brother” over your head.
    This is the biggest truth of all ..

    1. ” I do not like Banks because they harvest all the “real money = gold in any form” and gave us fake paper money equal value!!!!!!! ”
      You may dislike the banks for any number of reasons. However, replacing gold with paper should not be one of them. It is the governments that replaced hard currency (gold, silver, copper, shells) with paper. In the US and other countries, ordinary people, such as you and me, can buy and own gold or silver. We can actually have gold and/or silver coins or bars under our mattresses.

      It is very enticing and exciting to see cryptocoins gain in value from low double digits to a high of $20,000+. What many would-be cryptocoin investors neglect, or refuse, to notice is that within a month or two of reaching $20,000, the value of cryptocoins dropped by almost 50%. I would not want to base my budget or a country’s budget on money with such large value swings. I would not want to be paid one cryptocoin worth $20,000 for work that I did only to find out that couple of months later, when I go to buy something or pay my bills, the purchasing power of that coin was down to $10,000.

      I think you have many misconceptions about banks.

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