Weekly Wrap-up: New Android Gmail Themes, Facebook Apps Developer Sold User Info, Install Photoshop CS 5 In Ubuntu And Many More…

This week, we show you how to install Photoshop CS 5 in Ubuntu Maverick, review the 7 best user screenlets, tether your iPhone and share your mobile Internet connection, create ringtone with Garageband, change Ubuntu splash screen without going to the command line and many more.

5 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

1. 7 Best User-Made Screenlets For Linux

2. How to install Photoshop CS5 in Ubuntu Maverick 10.10

3. Linux Game Review: Sun Blast

4. Convert Uncommon File Types with Cometdocs

5. Easily Change Splash Theme Without Going To The Command Line [Ubuntu]

Giveaway of the week

syncpod-mainSyncPod: Transfer Your iPhone’s Music Back to Your Mac + Free Giveaway

Our free giveaway for the week is SyncPod – a simple and great application to transfer your iPhone/iPod/iPad music back to your Mac. Don’t forget to participate in the contest!

News of the week

facebook1. Facebook app developers sold user info

Just when you think that Facebook has tighten up its privacy guideline, Facebook revealed that a data broker has been buying identifying Facebook user information from app developers and as a result has placed some developers on a six-month suspension. Yes, your information has been traded without your knowledge. Still think your data is private in Facebook? Think twice!

w5-hotmail2. Use Hotmail features without changing your email address

Microsoft understands that you don’t need an extra email address, that is why you can now sign up for Hotmail and enjoy all its feature by using your current email.

wordpress3. WordPress Adds Feature for Embedding Tweets

If you own a WordPress.com blog and love embedding tweets in your posts, you can now do it easily. The Twitter Blackbird Pie feature is now included in WordPress.com by default. All you need to do is to paste the URL of the tweet and WordPress will do the rest to get it show up nicely on your post.

Google instant on mobile4. Google Instant Goes Mobile

Can’t get enough of Google Instant? Well, you can now enjoy it in your iPhone and Android as well. Just open your Google browser in your mobile handset and start typing in the search field. The result will appear instantly. This new mobile service is still in beta and only available in US.

w5-stumbleupon5. StumbleUpon Helps You Discover New Android Apps

For those who love to find new apps and test them out in your Android, good news for you. StumbleUpon now allows you to stumble and discover new apps. In addition to the apps discovery, StumbleUpon also allows you to install new apps right within the SU app. This will save you time switching to market to find the apps.

mod-pagespeed6. Make your websites run faster, automatically -try mod_pagespeed for Apache

As part of Google’s initiative to make the web faster, a module for the Apache HTTP Server called mod_pagespeed was introduced to perform many speed optimizations automatically. If you are looking to double the speed up your websites, you got to check this out.

gmail-black-white theme7. Google introduces five new themes for Gmail

Google releases five new Gmail themes – black/white/treetop/Android/Marker. Check them out.

Other useful How-to articles

1. 10 Cool Tips and Tricks for GarageBand 11

2. Reset Your iOS Alarms for Daylight Savings Time [Daylight Savings Time]

3. How to Break Into a Mac (And Prevent It from Happening to You) [Passwords]

4. Make Wine Apps Match Your GTK Theme with a Python Script

5. How To Make the Mac OS X Finder Suck Less

Software of the week

1. NudgeMail – Use your inbox as a to-do list reminder

2. 8Pen: New keyboard software for Android – An innovative keyboard software for Android

3. Lab Kit for Firefox – Test out new lab features in Firefox

4. Windroplr – Share files easily. Droplr for Windows

5. SkyFire for iPhone – Can’t access flash sites in iPhone? Try Skyfire.

That’s all for the wrap-up for this week. If you have any tips, tricks or any topics you think we should include, feel free to email us at tips [at] maketecheasier.com

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