Weekly Wrap-up: FindBigMail Cleans Your Gmail, Intriguing KDE Apps, Xmarks Shutting Down And Many More…

In this week, we show you 5 intriguing KDE apps that you probably have not heard before. For those who are keen to clean up your Gmail, but don’t know where to start, FindBigMail can give you a headstart.

On the mobile arena, we reviewed the latest Dropbox app for Android and it was a great improvement over its previous iteration. In addition, we also show you how to use iPhone’s FaceTime feature with 3G connection.

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The rest of the articles

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  2. How to Convert Your Photo Library to Video
  3. How to Use FaceTime In iPhone 4 Over a 3G Network
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  9. Prayaya Virtualizes Your Windows OS And Make It Portable + Free Giveaway
  10. Dropbox Android App Review
  11. How to Install and Run Silverlight in Linux

News for the week

  1. Microsoft to close down LIve Space blogs, migrate all its users to WordPress.com
  2. Xmarks Bookmark Syncing Service Shutting Down in January 2011 + Xmarks will continue if enough people willing to donate
  3. Google launches goo.gl URL shortener
    Just when you think that there are too many URL shortener, Google announces that their goo.gl URL shortening service is now ready for public consumption. They promise a better, faster, more secure and more stable URL. We’ll see if it is true in a few months time.
  4. WebP – a new image format for the Web
    JPG, PNG, GIF, you all can stand aside now. A new image format, WebP is released by Google. It is said to have a better compression ratio than JPG without compromising the quality. The conversion tool is now available, but it won’t become the standard until all browsers support it.
  5. Facebook’s Rolling Out High-Resolution Photo Sharing
    Have a ton of high resolution photos, but hate to upload to Facebook because it destroy the quality of the photos? No more. Facebook just announced that they will now support high resolution photos, up from 720 pixels to 2048 pixels on the largest edge. Wow!

Other useful How-to articles

  1. Turn off Gmail’s conversation view
    Don’t like the threaded conversation style in Gmail? Now you have a choice to turn it off and get it to display the classic mode.
  2. How to navigate Google Instant with keyboard shortcut
    Can’t get enough of Google Instant? You can make it even faster by using the directional keypad.
  3. Run IE6 and Other Old Apps in Windows 7 with Spoon
  4. How To Download Videos from YouTube with Safari
    In most browser, you will need an extension to be able to download Youtube to your desktop. In Mac’s Safari, you can actually do so right within the browser, without any extension.
  5. HyperDock puts some Win7 in your OS X Dock
  6. Android Task Killers Explained: What They Do and Why You Shouldn’t Use Them [Android]
    Install taskiller apps will help save battery in Android? Let’s Lifehacker clear the myth and explain in detail what they do and why you won’t need them at all.

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