Weekly Wrap-up: New Firefox Extension Can Hack Your Twitter Account, Kubuntu 10.10 Review And Many More…

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With so many apps in the Apple app store, it is easy to buy the wrong apps that you do not have any needs for. This week, we show you how to claim a refund for iPhone/iPad apps that you accidentally purchased. Other tutorials include cleaning up your Mac’s hard drive, placing a reminder notes on your Android notification bar, automatically empty trash in WordPress, convert a web page to PDF in Google Chrome and many more…

5 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

1. Kubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat Review

2. How to Create Flames in Gimp

3. How To Clean Up Your Mac’s Hard Drive

4. The Easiest Way to Set Gmail As The Default Email Handler in Windows

5. Sync Your Android Phone to Your Desktop: Android Manager WiFi

News of the week

Gmail Labs: Auto-advance to the next conversation


Gmail users: in the past, whenever you deleted a mail, you will be brought back to the inbox. Now, you have the choice to make it proceed to the next conversation right after you have deleted the email. Theoretically it should save you a second of two per mail, and thus improve your productivity.

ww31-playstation-phone The Playstation phone is true… and is coming soon?

If the rumour is true, very soon, you will be able to play your playstation on an Android phone. According to Engadget, this Playstation phone is likely to run on Android 3.0 (Gingerbread) and comes with a marketplace for you to buy games.

Beware! Firesheep Firefox extension can hack into your Twitter, Facebook accounts easily

A new Firefox extension – Firesheep – is now in the wild. This extension, once installed, enables the owner to capture other users’ cookie information in an open network. With these information, the owners can easily hacked into their Twitter and Facebook accounts etc.

ww31-unity-desktopUnity to become the default desktop in Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth announces at the Ubuntu Developer Summit that the Unity desktop will become the default desktop for Ubuntu 11.04. The Unity desktop is the default desktop manager in Ubuntu Netbook 10.10. If you have a chance to use Ubuntu Netbooko 10.10, you will know that the Unity desktop is still very buggy and not user-friendly (very unlike Ubuntu). I am keen to see how it will work out for the next Ubuntu release.

Box.net increases storage space to 5GB

Box.net users rejoice! The online storage company has just increased the storage spaces to 5GB and is applicable for all free users. This is 2.5 times what Dropbox offers.

ww31-white-iphoneWhite iPhone 4 Delayed Until Spring 2011

Apparently, the white iPhone that Apple promises to release is still not here yet, and the news is that it will be delayed till Spring 2011. Some even said that the white version will not come to iPhone 4, but will be available for iPhone 5 instead. We’ll see.

Firefox 4 Delayed Until Early 2011

Firefox 4 is already in beta 6 now and there is still no news of the actual release date. Wait, the latest news is that it will be delayed until early 2011 and there will be several more betas coming up in the following months. Personally I have been enjoying all the beta version and I can’t wait for the actual version to be released soon.

Other How-to articles

1. Use Google Contacts as a Unified Address Book

Google contacts has been around for some time, but few people really make full use of it. Amit from Digital Inspiration shows you how to import your contacts from various mobile devices to Google contacts and use it as a centralized hub for all your contacts.

2. How to Break Into a Windows PC (And Prevent it from Happening to You)

There are many reasons that you want to break into a Windows PC. It could be because you have lost your login password, or someone plays a prank on you and changed your password. Either way, it is good to know how to break into a Windows PC and take necessary precautions to prevent others from doing it to you. LIfehacker shows you the exact way to do it.

3. How To Protect Your Login Information From Firesheep

We mentioned the new Firefox extension – Firesheep, that can be used to hack into other people accounts. Here’s a way to combat it: use HTTPS or SSL.

4. How to Build a Hackintosh Mac and Install OS X in Eight Easy Steps

It is easy to go to the Apple store and buy yourself a Mac, but that won’t be cool, right? If you love challenges, why not build yourself a hackintosh (Mac OS running on PC). Here’s the detailed guide, with step by step instructions.

5. 12 Cool Tips and Tricks for iMovie ’11

Apple launches iLife 11 weeks ago. It is time to learn some new tricks for iMovie 11.

6. How To Sync Browser & Delicious Bookmarks to Your iOS Device

While you can sync your Safari bookmarks to your iDevices, getting other browser’s bookmarks or even delicious bookmarks on board can be a tricky stuff. How to Geek shows you how to do it, the easy way.

That’s all for the wrap-up for this week. If you have any tips, tricks or any topics you think we should include, feel free to email us at tips [at] maketecheasier.com

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