Weekly Wrap-up: Sync MS Office Documents to Google Docs, Print PDF From Any Applications, DoudouLinux, Install iOS 4.2.1 And Many More…

This week, we show you how to create online school Edu 2.0, troubleshooting your problems in Windows 7, block unwanted contact from Google Chat, install iOS 4.2.1 in iPad, restore statusbar in Firefox 4, 8 things that you need to know before modding your Android phone and how you can easily print PDF files from any applications in Ubuntu. In addition, we also reviewed DoudouLinux, a great Linux distro for kids and Yola and many more…

5 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

1. Easily Print to PDF, Postscript And SVG Files From Any Application [Ubuntu]

2. DoudouLinux: A Fun Linux Distro For Kids

3. 2ClickUpdate Maintains And Clean Up Ubuntu With A Single Click

4. How to install iOS 4.2 on The iPad and Use It to The Fullest

5. 8 Things You Need to Know Before Modding Your Android Phone

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Angry Birds peace treaty:

News of the week

1. Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office is now available.

In its effect to bring everything to the cloud, Google has recently released a Cloud Connect plugin that allows you to sync your documents to Google Docs from Microsoft Office.

2. iOS 4.2.1 now available, brings multitasking to iPad

The iOS 4.2.1 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch is now available to the public. The version for iPad will also comes with multitasking and folders support.

3. Aviary launches HTML5 Photo Editor

Aviary, the popular web-based photo editor has launched a HTML 5 powered photo editor that can be embedded on any website. This will allow webmasters to give their users the ability to edit photos without having to leave their websites.

4. Facebook Gets Closer to a Trademark on the Word ‘Face’

Facebook moved one step closer to securing a trademark on the word “Face” when it’s used with online chat rooms or bulletin boards, after receiving a notice of allowance from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

5. Facebook alternative’s Diaspora releases private invitation-only alpha version.

Diaspora, also widely known as the Facebook alternative, is finally here. Well, not really. It is now in private alpha and invitation is required to access it.

6. Windows Phone 7 is now jailbreakable

ChevronWP7 is the latest tool in the web that gives anyone the ability to unlock their Windows Phone 7 device without a Marketplace developer account.

7. Android Apps to Get Content Ratings

All the apps in the Android market will soon come with a content rating (All, Pre-Teen, Teen, or Mature) so as to provide more information to the users and help them to select the best applications.

Other useful How-to articles

1. Make the Mac OS X Clock Show a Drop-Down Calendar

2. Top 10 Registry Tweaks that Power Up Windows

3. How to Fix iTunes Error 1013

4 .Free Up Memory with about:config Tweaks in Firefox 4

5. How to Lock the Screen Orientation on Your iPad (with iOS 4.2)

Software of the week

1. UberTwitter for iPhone – a cool, and popular Twitter client for iPhone.

2. CopyAndPaste – Copy and Paste virtually anything in Android with the help of OCR [Android]

3. DoudouLinux – a great Linux distro specifically built for the kids.

4. PDF ReDirect – a virtual printer that creates PDF files and also bundles with PDF editing features.

5. Opera 11 beta – The newest beta of the Opera browser comes with tab stacking and many other cool features.

That’s all for the wrap-up for this week. If you have any tips, tricks or any topics you think we should include, feel free to email us at tips [at] maketecheasier.com

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