Weeky Wrap-up: Kongregate Blocked By Google In Android Market Edition

In this week, we learn about 7 ways to supercharge your multitasking experience In Android, using Wallch to set live Earth wallpaper as your desktop wallpaper, 5 best uTorrent apps, create custom short URL with your own domain, edit movie with your iPhone and many more.

5 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

1. 8 Digital Note Pad Applications To Use In Multiple Platforms

2. Getting Enlightened with Bodhi Linux

3. Split And Merge PDF Files With PDF-Shuffler [Linux]

4. 5 Best uTorrent Apps

5. 6 Websites To Find Creative And Unique Domain Names

News of the week

1. Kongregate arrived at Android market, but was kicked out by Google

2. Google to launch Google Offer, becomes competitor of Groupon

3. Apple switching to new kind of screw so you can’t open your iPhone

4. Fake anti-virus attack spreads on Twitter via goo.gl links

5. Playboy will come to iPad, uncensored

6. Microsoft’s popular app – OneNote arrives at iPhone

7. Twitter launched in Korean

8. Facebook apps can now access your phone number and home address, but requires users to explicitly grant permission.

9. Trapster hacked! 10 million users account compromised

10. Google testing out number porting for Google Voice, available to all its users for limited amount of time

11. Another company falls victim to hacker. Lush hacked and its users credit card detail stolen and misused

12. Mozilla blocks Skype addon: extension caused Firefox to crash

Other useful How-to articles

1. How to Create a Portable Hackintosh on a USB Thumb Drive

2. How to Automatically Sync Photos From Your iPhone to Dropbox

3. How to use OneNote as a Task Manager for the iPhone

Software of the week

1. OneNote for iPhone – The popular desktop note taking app OneNote is now available for iPhone for free, for a limited time.

2. Kongregate Arcade for Android – Play Kongregate games on your Android phone.

3. Todo.txt Touch – An Android application for managing your todo.txt file stored in Dropbox

4. Vox – Music player and converter for Mac OS X.

5. LauncherPro for Android – new update adds transition effects to home screen.

That’s all for the wrap-up for this week. If you have any tips, tricks or any topics you think we should include, feel free to email us at tips [at] maketecheasier.com

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