Weekly Wrap-up: Mark Zuckerberg Named As Person Of the Year 2010 Edition

This week, we show you how to schedule Microsoft Security Essential to work while you are sleeping, hactivate your iPhone with Subscriber Artificial Module (SAM), set AOL mail as the default email handler, track applications resource usage and many more…

5 Most Popular Articles Of The Week

1. Ubuntu as Intended. My Experience Of Using the ‘Default’ Ubuntu

2. Synapse: A Useful Zeitgeist-based Application Launcher

3. How to Check the Download and Upload Speed Of Your Internet Connection

4. Understanding Chrome Web Store And How To Get The Best Out Of It

5. Configuring Places, Bookmarks, and Locations in KDE

Poll of the week

What’s Your Favorite Instant Messaging Application?

News of the week

1. Mark Zuckerberg named Person of the Year 2010 by Time magazine

The head of the World largest social networking platform – Facebook is selected as the Person of the Year 2010 by Time magazine. Considering the success achieved by Facebook in this year, this is hardly a surprise.

2. Google notifies you in search results when a site is hacked

In lieu of the Gawker database hack which saw tens of thousands of users’ emails and passwords leaked to the public, Google is stepping up its gear to warn users of any hacked site. Hacked sites will now have a “This site may be compromised” tag at the bottom of its search results.

3. Delicious is closing down, oops, no, will be offloaded by Yahoo!

Yahoo is considering to shut down offload its popular bookmarking site – delicious.com. As of now, its future is still unknown. Backup and export your bookmarks while the site is still up and running.

4. Humble Indie Bundle 2 is back. Grab your favorite Indie games at any price you want.

Show your support to charity and indie games developers by paying what you want for a 5 games bundle.

5. Google launches Google Map 5 for mobile, now comes with 3D buildings and offline support

Google Map for Android now comes with 3D mode and offline support.

6. Granting other users permission to access to your Gmail account

Need an assistant to help you with your email? You can now grant other users permission to access your Gmail account and help you manage your account.

7. Restore the Google contacts that you deleted earlier

Accidentally deleted a contact from your Google contacts? You can now restore the contact with a single click.

8. Google Latitude now landed on iPhone

9. Hotmail introduces interactive email using Active Views

Microsoft introduces new feature in Hotmail that allows users to receive/view interactive email in their inbox.

10. Dropbox hits 1.0, shed beta tags, uses less memory and comes with selective sync feature

The Dropbox team releases a major upgrade to its popular Dropbox software, bump the version up to 1.0 and finally shed its beta tag. This latest version comes with many useful upgrade, including better memory usage and selective sync. Don’t have a Dropbox account? Get it now!

Other useful How-to articles

1. Prevent Firefox From Entering Work Offline Mode

2. How to Map an FTP Site to a Drive Letter

3. How To Remove Front Row From Your Mac

4 .How to Switch Mac OS X to Use OpenDNS or Google DNS

5. How To Permanently Disable Google Instant & Google Suggest

Software of the week

1. Opera 11 – Internet browser, comes with tab stacking and extensions support.

2. Microsoft Security Essential 2 – One of the popular security suite for Windows

3. Flipboard – a fast, beautiful way to flip through the news, photos and updates your friends are sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Flickr

4. Dropbox 1.0

5. Google Map 5.0 for Android

That’s all for the wrap-up for this week. If you have any tips, tricks or any topics you think we should include, feel free to email us at tips [at] maketecheasier.com

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