Weekly Wrap-up: Mastering Linux Guide, Apple Releases Macbook Air, Repair Windows Bootloader And Many More…

This week, we show you how you can build a professional website without being a coding expert, how to become a Linux ninja, enhance your Nautilus with Nautilus Elementary, obtain web information faster with Hyperwords, a list of WordPress plugins you won’t want to miss out and many more…

Popular articles of the week

1. From Noob to Ninja – Your Guide to Mastering Linux

2. Nautilus Elementary Adds Much Needed Enhancements to Nautilus File Manager And Why You Should Install It Now

3. Advanced KDE Administration

News of the week

ww24-mac-airApple releases MacBook Air, announces Mac OSX Lion, App store and iLife 11

Mac fanboys will be glad to see the arrival of the new Macbook Air. This new Macbook Air is lighter and has plenty of features similar to the iPad. In another word, it is just like the iPad with a keyboard. Other things on the plate include the announcement of Mac OSX Lion (will be available next summer) and iLife 11.

ww24-angry-birdsAngry Birds Halloween Released for all iDevices

Last week, Rovio releases Angry Birds (for free) on the Android platform. This week, they release the Halloween version of the app for the iDevices – iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This Halloween-themed version combines the game play of Angry Birds with Halloween treats like pumpkins, ghosts, ghouls and ghastly costumes. It comes with 45 levels and every aspect of the game has been recreated in the spirit of Halloween, so expect new spooky theme music, hair-raising graphical themes, and puzzling pumpkin-smashing action. The app is available in the app store for $0.99.

ww24-winampWinamp releases Android app, comes with wireless music sync

The popular desktop media player is now available in Android. While there are no lack of music player app in the market (even though there is no really solid one yet), Winamp is still able to differentiate itself by offering a remote syncing of your music library (over wifi) feature.

Amazon Introduces Kindle Book Lending

Own a Kindle and hope to lend the ebook(s) you bought to your friends? Well, you can do it now with the new Kindle Book Lending system.

Other How-to articles

If you’re having boot problems on your Windows PC, it’s often helpful to repair the MBR (Master Boot Record) to restore the Windows 7 boot loader—and you can do it easily from the Windows installation disc.

Android users who frequently install and try out new apps from the market will find that your Android phone runs out of installation space pretty quickly. Lifehacker offers you some useful tricks to free up your disk space.

Fancy a quick rooting solution for your Android phone? Try SuperOneClick.

Keen of setting up a Facebook page but don’t know how to start? Follow the step-by-step guide over at Digital Inspiration and your Facebook page will be up and running in no time.

Changing the Grub and Grub 2 splash screen in Ubuntu is definitely not for the faint hearted. Here’s how you can learn to do so.

Image source: omgubuntu.co.uk

The latest version of Ubuntu comes with the messaging menu where you can access your IM and mail quickly. Here’s how you can modify it to include other useful apps.

I am sure you will never want to compromise the security of your email account. Here’s a checklist for you, to make sure that you are well covered.

That’s all for the wrap-up for this week. If you have any tips, tricks or any topics you think we should include, feel free to email us at tips [at] maketecheasier.com

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