Weekly Roundup (May 9th – May 15th, 2010)

For those who have missed our daily publication, here is the roundup for last week.

  1. Ubuntu Unity: New Desktop Environment For Your Ubuntu Netbook
  2. How to Easily Create Abstract Wallpaper In Gimp
  3. 9 Gmail Labs Add-ons That You Should Enable Right Now
  4. 7 Useful Google Chrome Extensions For Social Media Addicts
  5. Snippet: Remove IE As The Default Web Browser in Windows 7
  6. How to Use Word 2010 As An Offline Blog Editor
  7. Snippet: Remove the Username from Windows XP Start Menu
  8. Get Compiz-like 3D Effects In Your Firefox
  9. 7 Tools To Make Flickr More User Friendly
  10. How to Change Your Login And Boot Screen In Ubuntu Lucid
  11. 6 Useful Widgets For Amarok Music Player

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