Weekly Roundup (June 6th – June 12th, 2010)

For those who have missed our daily publication, here is the roundup for last week.

  1. How To Set Up And Manage Parental Control On Mac
  2. A Quicker Way to Kill Non-Responsive Programs in Windows
  3. SyncToy: Yet Another Useful Windows Backup/Sync Tool
  4. How to Easily Fix Window and Linux Boot Problems with the Super Grub Disk
  5. Snippet: How to Hide Menu Bar and Status Bar in VirtualBox
  6. 4 Great Alternatives to Gnome Panel Menu Bar
  7. KDE Power Management 101
  8. How to Backup Your Gmail in Mac
  9. Managing Facebook’s New Privacy Options
  10. How to Install Sopcast in Ubuntu (and Watch World Cup in Your Computer)
  11. How to Use Twitter to Follow the 2010 FIFA World Cup
  12. 6 More Greasemonkey Scripts for Your Browsing Enjoyment
  13. How To Tag Movies For Your Portable Multimedia Player Easily With MetaX

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