Weekly Wrap-up: Build Your Own Ubuntu Distro, Keep Your File in Sync, And More…

This week we show you how to easily build your own Ubuntu distro and also keep your file in sync with SpiderOak. Not to forget some useful tricks to get the most out of Bing search engine and also an easy way to run Chrome OS in your system, and many more…

Popuplar articles of the week:

  1. Build Your Own Ubuntu-based Distro With Novo Builder
  2. How to Run Chrome OS the Easy Way
  3. Keep Your Files in Sync With SpiderOak

The rest of the article:

  1. Organize Your Life With Springpad
  2. How to Get Windows 7 “Aero Snap” on your Mac
  3. How to Sync Your iPhone Contacts to Ubuntu One
  4. 5 Free Application Launchers For Mac That Is Not QuickSilver
  5. 7 Great Free Media Players to Get You Started
  6. How to Automate Your Podcast Downloads with gPodder
  7. 6 Tips for a Better Bing Search Experience
  8. How To Play Multiplayer Games Over Garena
  9. Favitt: Add Useful Features to Your Browser Start Page

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