Weekly Wrap-up: Tethering Your Android, Embedding Twitter @Anywhere, Perform Image Magic, And More…

This week we show you the way to tether your Android phone and also the easiest way to implement Twitter @anywhere code to your WordPress blog. Not to forget some useful tricks to manipulate your images and also the ways to access Google services with the command line, and many more…

Popuplar articles of the week:

  1. How to Tether Using Your Android Phone
  2. How To Easily Embed Twitter @Anywhere In Your WordPress Blog
  3. Performing Image Magic with ImageMagick

The rest of the articles:

  1. How to Auto-reply to Email Messages Using Gmail Canned Responses
  2. How to Build Chrome OS For Your Netbook or VM
  3. How to Perform a Language Specific Google Search On The Web
  4. The Beginner Guide to Use GoogleCL
  5. How to Access Your Computer Files (And Stream Music) From Your Mobile Devices
  6. Snippet: How to Make Google Chrome As The Default Browser in Ubuntu
  7. Using Zoho Web Service as an Alternative to Open Office in Ubuntu
  8. How to Download Torrents Using RSS Feeds
  9. Explorer++: A Better Alternative for Windows Explorer

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