Weekly Wrap-up: Google Launches Instant, Linux Mint Releases Debian Edition, Make Your Applications Portable, And Many More…

In this week, we show you an even method to create your iPhone ringtone. If you used to have problem with creating ringtone in your iTunes, then you got to check out this tutorial. In addition, for those KDE users who love eye-candy, we bring you a quick peek of KDE effects and all the goodness that is bundled with KDE 4.5. Don’t forget to check it out too.

Other articles include Dlvr – a great web app that update your social message automatically, creating web apps the easy way with Agile and how to make full use of your iPhone volume button.


Popular articles

  1. A Look at KDE Desktop Effects
  2. Agile: Create Web Apps the Amazingly Simple Way
  3. How to Enable Foreign Language Input In Ubuntu

The rest of the articles:

  1. Rapportive Lets You Know Everything About Your Gmail Contacts
  2. How to Work Efficiently on Your Mac Using Active Screen Corners
  3. Dlvr.it Publishes Your Feed to Various Social Networks Instantly
  4. How to Manage Fonts in Linux with FontMatrix
  5. How to Optimize the Use of your iPhone Volume Buttons
  6. Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder + Free Giveaway
  7. A Very Easy Way to Create Ringtone For Your iPhone [Mac only]
  8. How to Increase the Google Reader Font Size In Android Browser
  9. How to Collaborately Create Drawings With Google Docs

News for the week

  1. Yahoo users can now sign up for Gmail with OpenID
  2. Google releases Google Instant
    Google releases their new toy – Google Instant – that aims to change the way your search. As you type, the search results will instantly show up on the search box.
  3. Adobe warns of zero day vulnerability in Reader and Acrobat
  4. Broadcom releases its driver source code, make it open source
  5. Linux Mint Releases New Debian Edition
    Linux mint used to follow closely with Ubuntu release, but for those who are keen to get updated version of their applications without having to reinstall the whole OS, you might be keen to try out the new Linux Mint Debian edition.

Other useful How-to articles

  1. 5 tips for using Priority Inbox
    You have read about the new Gmail Priority box, now heard from the big G how you can optimize it.
  2. How to Get Android Notifications on Your Computer Desktop (Mac, Linux or Windows)
    Android notifier is a new app that can send notification from Android to your OS, regardless it is running Windows, Mac or Linux.
  3. 24 iTunes 10 Tips, Tricks and Features
    Love/hate the new iTunes 10? Here’s are 10 useful tips and tricks for your reference.
  4. Keyboard Shortcuts That’ll Make Your Google Instant Searching Even Faster [Shortcuts]
  5. How to Make Any Application Portable
  6. How to Organize Your Programs in the Windows 7 Taskbar

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