Weekly Wrap-up: Apple iOS Overtakes Linux and Android, And Many More…

In this week wrap-up, Tavis come up with the user guide to use KDE plasma activities. If you are not aware, plasma activities is a great tool for for managing multiple workspace and desktops and the update in KDE 4.5 is really awesome. In addition, we also covered the ways to rip audio in Ubuntu, so don’t miss it.

Other useful stuff including style up your quotes in Blogger, backup your Ubuntu applications with a single command, jailbreak iPhone 3G in Mac and many more.


Popular articles

  1. How to Use KDE Plasma Activities
  2. How to Rip Audio CD in Linux
  3. Firefox 4 Review: App Tab, Panorama and Sync

The rest of the articles

  1. Launcher Pro + QuickDesk: Probably The Best Android Home Replacement Combination
  2. How to Control iTunes Using Custom Keyboard Shortcuts
  3. IObit Toolbox – A Windows “Fixer” That’s Actually Worth Using
  4. How to Jailbreak iOS 4.0.2 For iPhone 3G (The Mac Version)
  5. Ubntu: Backup Your Applications Easily With A Single Command
  6. The Quick Way To Cut And Paste In Mac
  7. How to Add Physics to Google Sketchup
  8. How to Disable Firefox 4 Tab Preview in Windows 7
  9. How to Style Up Your Quotes in Blogger
  10. What’s The Difference Between Facebook “Share” and “Like” Button?
  11. How to Manage Your Touchpad and Avoid Unnecessary Typing Errors
  12. Quanp Adds Microsoft Office Addin, Allowing You to Manage Your Online Files
  13. How to Edit the Context Menu in Firefox

News for the week

  1. Google launches priority inbox for Gmail
    After last week launch of Gmail Call Phone, another cool feature call Priority Inbox is now available in Gmail. This new feature learns your reading behavior and sort your important emails into the Priority Inbox folder.
  2. Angry Bird (beta) is now available in Android market for free
    Can’t get enough of Angry Birds in iPhone? Don’t worry, the Android version is now available.
  3. Apple launches iTunes 10, moved the control button to vertical layout and introduces new social network PING.
  4. Apple iOS overtakes Linux and Android in market share.
    With the rising popularity of iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and many other iDevices, it is only a matter of time that this happens.
  5. Ubuntu Maverick beta is now available.
    Woohoo…for those who have been waiting for Ubuntu Maverick…it is not here yet, but the beta is now available for download and testing.
  6. Google Chrome celebrates two years old birthday, releases Google Chrome version 6

Other useful How-to articles

  1. Change the iTunes 10 close/minimize/maximize buttons back to horizontal
  2. Get Extra Email Addresses for your Gmail Account [Google Apps]
  3. How To Make An Application Always Open On A Certain Virtual Desktop (Using Compiz)
  4. Change Wireless Network Priority to Make Windows 7 Choose the Right Network First
  5. How to Create Desktop Notifications For Windows Events

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