Weekly Wrap-up:Secure iPhone After Jailbreak, Useful iPhone Shortcuts, Fix Firefox Memory Issue And More…

While jailbreaking your iPhone has became a legal act, it still pay to give more attention to its security. We have a great article on securing your iPhone after the jailbreak for the week, not to be missed. In addition, new (and old) iPhone users who are looking for useful shortcuts to be more efficient with your iPhone, do also check out the 7 shortcuts to optimize your iPhone usage. Other great stuff include basket – multi purpose note pad for KDE, useful extensions to improve Firefox memory usage, and many more.


Popular articles

  1. How to Make Your iPhone Secure After the Jailbreak
  2. 7 Shortcuts To Optimize Your iPhone Usage
  3. Basket – A Multi-Purpose Note Pad For KDE

The rest of the articles

  1. Kadaza – A Logo Based Personal Start Page
  2. How to create your own OS X Dashboard Widgets from Safari
  3. Turn Your iPhone/iPod Touch Into Remote Control For Your Computer
  4. 4 Useful Extensions to Improve Firefox Memory Usage
  5. Protect And Secure Your Android Phone With Lookout Mobile Security
  6. quanp send: Send Large Files From Your Desktop
  7. How to Prevent WordPress From Creating Thumbnail Images
  8. How to Perform a “I am Lucky” Search From Google Chrome Omnibar
  9. Use your Android Phone as a Wireless Hotspot (Rooted Phones Only)
  10. How to Download, Install and Manage Fonts in Windows

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