Weekly Wrap-up: Linux for Children, Jailbreaking Your iPad, Beautiful Android Wallpapers And More…

In this week wrap-up, one of our  article “Configuring Linux for Children” has received a great amount of traffic and link juice from the various part of the Web, so I guess most of you are really concern about the online security of your kids. If you missed that article, do catch it now! Other than that, as the popularity of iPad rises, more and more people are getting into the “jailbreaking” act. No surprise that the “jailbreaking your iPad ” article is the next hot trending topic in MakeTechEasier.


Popular articles

  1. How to Configure Linux for Children
  2. How to Jailbreak Your iPad
  3. The Battle For Your Browser’s Homepage: iGoogle vs. Netvibes vs. Pageflakes

The rest of the articles

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  2. How to Install Cydia Apps in iPhone Without WiFi Connection
  3. How to Sync Your MS Office Documents to Online Office Apps (Google Docs, Zoho, Office Live)
  4. Improve Your WordPress Performance With W3 Total Cache
  5. A Quick Guide to Windows Registry
  6. How to Sync Your Empathy Logs Across Various Computers [Linux Ubuntu]
  7. 6 Beautiful Android Live Wallpapers to Make Your Phone Stand Out
  8. Embedding Google Font to Your WP Blog
  9. A Complete Guide to Google Special Search – How to Use Google A Lot More Creatively

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