Weekly Wrap-up: IE 9 Released, And It is Pretty Impressive, And Many More…

In this week, we show you how you can create your own Debian custom LiveCD directly from the Web (and it’s darn easy). Also, as the release of Ubuntu Maverick is drawing closer, we have also come up with a screenshot tour review to build up the anticipation. IE lovers should rejoice that IE 9 beta is finally released, and it is pretty impressive.

Other articles include boosting your gaming performance with GameBooste, creating network drive using airdisk in OS X, download Youtube video to your iDevices, and many more.


Popular articles

  1. How to Create a Custom Debian Live CD through the Web
  2. Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Review + Screenshots Tour
  3. How To Setup The Ultimate Multi-Platform Writing Environment With Simplenote

The rest of the articles

  1. Jumpcut – A Must-have Mac Clipboard
  2. How to Boost Your Game Performance With Game Booster v2
  3. How to Create A Network Drive Using AirDisk in OS X
  4. How to Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery
  5. How To Download YouTube Video Directly To Your Jailbroken iPhone
  6. Enable Google Instant In Google Chrome Omnibar (Windows Only)
  7. Tips and Tricks For Your Shiny New Kindle
  8. Okular: Universal Document Viewer For KDE 4
  9. Internet Explorer 9 Beta Review
  10. Cameyo: Virtualize Your Applications And Make Them Portable (Windows Only)
  11. How to Sync Folders Between Multiple Computers With a USB Drive

News for the week

  1. Internet Explorer 9 Beta Released
    IE 9 beta is now available for download and testing, and yes, it been pretty impressive too. If you have not get it, grab it now. Don’t forget to read our IE 9 review too.
  2. The new Yahoo mail is coming
    Already tired of the old Yahoo looks? It has gone through a major revamp and could hit your mailbox anytime now.
  3. iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch to Get Wireless Printing with iOS 4.2
    Think your iPhone is just a phone? Not anymore, the latest iOS 4.2 will come with wireless printing support and is available for all iDevices.
  4. New Twitter revealed
    Twitter is already the best way to discover what’s new in your world, and now it is getting even better. The new design features a two column layout and supports embedded photos and videos.
  5. Boxee Box Now Available for Pre-order
    For those who have been waiting for a long time, it is finally here! Boxee Box is now available for pre-order

Other useful How-to articles

  1. Linux: Get notify when someone logs in to your computer
    Are you very paranoid about people accessing your computer? You can now setup a script to notify you whenever your computer has been accessed (remotely or locally).
  2. Copy paste text in Google Chrome, without the formatting
    Most of the time when you do a copy and paste, the formatting of the text is often retained. What if you just want the text, but not the styling and formatting? Google Chrome now allows you to copy paste only the text with “Ctrl + Shift + V“. Check it out.
  3. How to type special symbols in OS X and iOS
  4. How to Enable Desktop Notifications for Google Calendar in Chrome
    The latest version of Google Chrome (Windows) comes with desktop notification and you can configure your Google Calendar to notify you when your time arrived for your meeting.
  5. The Best Android Apps for Getting Things Done [Android]
    Own an Android phone and hope that you can become more organized? There’s a cure for that. Check out Lifehacker list of Android apps for getting things done.

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