Weekly Wrap-up: KDE 4.5 Preview, Clean Up Ubuntu, CPU Guide And More…

Active KDE users will be glad to know that the 4.5 release brings much welcome change. If you have missed it, don’t forget to check out our review of KDE 4.5. in addition, we also show you 4 more additional ways to clean up your Ubuntu machine.

This week, we tried something new and come up with a Hardware CPU guide. So if you are looking to buy your next CPU, don’t forget to read the articles on the differences between each CPU and how to select one without breaking the bank.


Popular articles

  1. Preview of KDE 4.5
  2. 4 More Ways to Clean Up Your Ubuntu Machine

The rest of the articles

  1. Symbaloo – The Starting Point for the Web
  2. How to Organize Your Mac’s Desktop using DeskShade
  3. How to Enable Multitasking Feature on Your iPhone 3G
  4. How to Juice Up Your Podcasts on Windows or Mac
  5. Hardware CPU Guide Part I: Factors That Affects a CPU’s Performance
  6. How to Normalize Your MP3 Files In Windows
  7. Hardware CPU Guide Part II: Differences Between Intel and AMD CPU
  8. How to Create High Quality Drum Beats with Hydrogen
  9. How to Manage Google Calendar From Command Line And Display It On Your Desktop
  10. Hardware CPU Guide Part III: Choosing the Best CPU Without Breaking the Bank
  11. How to Remote Control VLC With Your Android Phone
  12. How to Upload Attachments To Gmail From Desktop And Archive Them at a File Hosting Service

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