Top 5 Websites to Learn Python Online for FREE

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Python is one of the best general purpose programming languages. Entire sites like Instagram, Reddit and Mozilla have been built on it. It is also heavily used in machine learning, data analytics, cloud infrastructure & DevOps, and several other applications. Simplicity, clear syntax and short codes set Python apart from other high-level languages.

For all you learners out there, we have compiled a list of comprehensive online Python tutorial sites that remain absolutely free.


Python Software Foundation’s official website is also one of the richest free resource locations. This is the website you can come back to for clarifying anything that might seem new and unfamiliar. If you’re a student who uses a standard textbook, will serve as an indispensable resource to solidify all your concepts. It can be an excellent thing if you’re preparing for exams. Tutorials 3.7

Some of the micro-sites worth checking include an index of standard library functions, a Wiki page, and an extender module for C/C++ users. The wiki is also an excellent resource to avoid beginner’s errors. Wiki page

2. SoloLearn

Sololearn Python 3 Tutorials

If you prefer a modular, crash-course-like learning environment, SoloLearn offers a fantastic, step-by-step learning approach for beginners. You have to register on the website first. All new concepts are introduced in an iterative fashion and build on the previous module lessons. There are quizzes at the end of each module. In fact, it might be helpful to begin your Python journey with SoloLearn. Once you have mastered the key concepts, it would be easier to consolidate them on Python’s official website.

3. TechBeamers

TechBeamers Tutorials

TechBeamers wins our attention due to a comprehensive collection of beginner’s concepts in one place. Unlike the previous example, this e-learning website offers more than just tutorials. It has advanced coverage of concepts such as multithreading and Python MongoDB. There are several code examples to learn from along with updated blog entries to help stretch your imagination. Because of its blog-like environment, TechBeamers is recommended if you want to learn basic to intermediate Python without having to register anywhere.

4. Python Tutorials is not an exclusively Python tutorial website but houses a collection of different courses (both free and paid). As of now, there are sixty-seven free courses on Python, so you can easily find one that will suit your requirements. Many of these courses are for advanced learners, but there are plenty to learn for beginners as well. Apart from Python, you can also learn about related course materials including Django framework, machine learning and data analysis.

5. Real Python

If you want to learn Python for free without having to read boring book modules, Real Python offers the best one-stop resource online. You don’t have to register on the website, but it might be helpful to subscribe to new blog posts. All topics have been arranged methodically and with detailed, step-by-step explanations. You can easily practice them on your own Python interpreter console.

Real Python Advanced Tutorials

The most intuitive part of the website is a search function where you can quickly find tutorials on any topic of your choice. In the following screen we have some excellent results for DevOps. No matter if you want to do web development, machine learning, cloud computing or data analysis, this website simply rocks for everything Python.

Python Devops blogs at Real Python

It seems the “free” buck really stops with Real Python. Or does it? Wait, we have a bonus learning web resource for Python that you must check out.

BONUS Website – Python riddles

Nothing consolidates learning like testing your concepts in an unfamiliar environment. If you have picked up a fair bit of Python from the above tutorial websites, you must gamify your learning experiences at There are multiple-level riddles based on Python, and you get to test your wits against the best brains out there. The challenge website also contains a leaderboard that can be motivating.


As a beginner in Python or someone extending from C/C++, there are so many tutorial websites to learn from. Clearly, it can seem confusing at first on how to begin your learning path. If you have enough time and patience, the free websites mentioned here offer abundant material to learn from.

Sayak Boral
Sayak Boral

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