WebNotes: Eliminating Copy and Paste Functions, One Note At A Time

After having used WebNotes for a while, I’m very impressed. With a name like WebNotes this web applications function is a bit of a self explanatory one. However, even though this application has a simple name, and behind that name it has simple functions, I will elaborate a bit on its features and uses. WebNotes is a web application that you can use in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.


WebNotes Is:

A web application that allows you make live sticky notes with your preferred annotated text on the side. You’re able to highlight any set of text on any webpage and then simply share your notes with anyone you’d like to via email or link sharing. I’m glad that the creators of WebNotes thought of this idea, because now anyone on the web is able to properly save and index their notes with a few taps on the mouse. You can throw out the all-outdated copy and paste format imprisoning you to use Ctrl C and V every 5 seconds or so.


How to Utilize WebNotes:

WebNotes is really marketed and aimed at people that conduct a lot of research on the Web. Its uses don’t have to be restricted to professional or student use, it can be utilized by anyone with a PC. With this application you can easily annotate, organize, and share your notes, comments, or web content. All you have to do is install the WebNotes toolbar that contains all the necessary tools. Once the tool bar has been installed then you’re set to start annotating the web.

You can highlight any set of text and later view it in your WebNotes account. The notes you take and highlight will always be archived in you’re my WebNotes area and they will be accompanied by the specific URL where you took the notes from.


Highlight any part of any text within a site.


Later quickly view all of your notes in you’re my WebNotes section.


When you’ve finished highlighting the text and notes you desire, you can click on the Share this page button, and this will allow you to send your notes via email or direct link to the persons of your choice.

The End of Our WebNotes Journey:

From what I’ve gathered WebNotes is an easy and simple to use web application that allows the facilitation of jotting down quick notes that can be saved and viewed later. This gives you the ability to organize your work properly while making your life on the web a bit easier all together.

One thing I wasn’t able to come to very good terms with was the installation of the tool bar, although easy enough as it is to install it, you don’t always want to have to install a complete tool bar on top of the Google or Yahoo tool bar already installed within my browser. Maybe WebNotes could possibly develop a much more appealing tool bar with the use of Flash that pops up when you click a small button located somewhere on your screen.


With all of this being said, I have around 10 WebNotes Beta invites. If you want to get one, shout it out in the comments, along with your email address.


  1. Joel,

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a great review! If you are interested in that less intrusive toolbar, check out WebNotes’ bookmarklet which will do exactly as you described.

    Also, if you’d like, I can set you up with an easy way to provide more of your readers invites to use WebNotes. Just send me an email and I’ll hook you up with a link.

    Thanks again,


  2. This looks very interesting – being in school and taking notes, researching, etc – this looks like something I could use…

    I would appreciate an invite – if possible…


    1. Hello! Please send me your email at joelreyes@maketecheasier.com so that I can send you the invite.

      Thank you!

  3. Hello, it sounds a very interesting and useful tool. Hope there’s an invite left for me.
    Thanks anyway.

  4. @Phil,

    You don’t need an invite anymore. All you have to do is visit webnotes.net and sign up.. :)

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