We Are Hiring

write-for-mteWe are expanding and we are looking for talented writers and technology enthusiasts to join us.

Make Tech Easier is a popular technology blog that provides free computer tutorials, tips, tricks and software reviews. We cover topics relating to Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, WordPress and all Web stuff.

If you are seriously obsessed with your computer and have tons of computer tips and tricks up your sleeves or you are always surfing the Web to look for cool useful software and eagerly share with your friends when you found one, then you are the one we are looking for.

1. Windows writer

As a Windows writer, you need to be proficient in the Windows OS and are expected to come up with tips, tricks, fixes, registry hacks, command line or simple tweaks to make things easier and faster to use.

  • You need to be a full-time Windows user and a Windows enthusiast.
  • You need to be always in the loop on Windows news and update, particularly in the development of Windows 8
  • You need be proficient in Windows, including registry hacks, command line and the inside-out of Windows OS

2. Mac Writer

As a Mac writer, you need to be proficient in Max OS X and are expected to come up with tips, tricks, fixes, command line tweaks, automator scripts, software alternative to make the system better and easier to use.

  • You need to be a full-time Mac user and a Mac enthusiast.
  • You need to be always in the loop on Mac news, update, tips, tricks and free useful software to get things done easier and faster.
  • Good knowledge of the command line tweaks and automator script is preferable.

3. WordPress Writer

As a WordPress writer, we require you to have more knowledge than just installing and activating plugins/themes. You need to have coding knowledge (you don’t need to be a developer, but are capable enough to hack and modify the code) and know inside-out of WordPress. Topics that you’ll be covering for WordPress include WP techniques, efficiency tips, how-to hacks, templates modification, plugins, resources etc.

4. Web App Writer

As a Web app writer, you need to be proficient with either Firefox and/or Google Chrome and have a knack for discovering and trying out new apps or services on the Web.

In addition, you also need to be

  • able to come up with 1-3 articles per week.
  • able to meet publication deadline.
  • proficient in the English language and is able to explain difficult concept in simple words and sentences.

Write to us at “writers [at] maketecheasier.com“, with the subject “Writer Application”. Do not send us your resume. Include in the mail:

1. the position you are applying for.
2. your level of proficiency and experience in the platform.
3. your years of experience as a writer
4. the blog(s) that you have wrote for.
5. 3 article titles that you are going to write about if you were selected.
6. A short paragraph why you would be a good fit for Make Tech Easier.

Writers based in US, Europe or Australia are preferred.

We will certainly ask you for a sample of your writing, so be prepared.

1. We are not looking for software reviewer. If you just want to review software, do not apply.
2. We are not looking for guest poster. If that is what you want, do not email us.