7 Ways to Earn Free Cryptocurrencies

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Whether you’re an informed investor with a solid portfolio or someone who is just starting to explore the crypto market, getting free crypto is always a bonus. Luckily, there are many ways you can earn free crypto and grow your wallet.

1. Earn Crypto Watching Videos

Remember how you used to pay college tuition to learn? Times have changed and instead of you paying to learn, you can now get paid to learn.

Coinbase: Watch Educational Videos

Coinbase, which is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has developed a learning platform called Coinbase Earn. Here, you can learn and understand the basics of cryptocurrencies and their blockchains and earn rewards for doing so.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Coinbase

All you have to do is, get register for free on Coinbase Earn and watch educational videos on their platform. These videos are mostly about different types of cryptocurrencies. Each video is only about two minutes long, so you won’t get bored while learning, and it’s presented in a very interesting manner.

At the end of each video there is a short one-question quiz you have to answer. After you’ve completed the videos and quiz, Coinbase Earn deposits the same cryptocurrency you were learning about into your Coinbase wallet.

Phemex Exchange: Watch Videos and Complete Quizzes

Phemex is another crypto trading platform that rewards you for watching educational content. Just like Coinbase, Phemex needs you to sign up and watch short videos in its courses on cryptocurrencies.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Phemex

Phemex’s courses cover fundamental topics for you to get started, but it also has some advanced topics for crypto-geeks too.

Throughout the course, you will have to answer simple quizzes on the topics covered. Once you’re done answering these quizzes, Phemex will deposit crypto or trading bonuses into your wallet worth up to $10.

2. Earn Crypto Reading or Writing Articles on Publish0X

Publish0X is an online news portal that shares its ad revenue with its users. It doesn’t matter if you create or consume the content on this site. Irrespective of whether you’re an author or simply a reader, you can earn some crypto for free.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Publish0x

Get registered on the platform in less than a minute using your Facebook or Twitter account, then read the articles they publish.

Readers earn rewards when they tip authors from Publish0X’s free rewards pool and each tip is split between the reader and the author. Authors earn more than readers, so if you want to become an author, you need to send them an application. They’ll review your work within 24 hours of submission.

From here, you are in command of your content – brownie points for making it interesting and adding illustrative images. This will help you earn some extra money if the readers like it and tip you.

3. Earn Free Crypto Browsing Lunarcrush

If you trade futures and options or any other sensitive derivatives, you’ve probably already visited Lunarcrush. It’s one of the best free crypto screeners. It uses social insights and upcoming news announcements to analyze a particular coin’s performance in the coming days.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Lunarcrush

Lunarcrush recently launched its own token known as LUNR and is giving out 65,000 LUNR tokens each day. You can easily claim your share by staying active on the Lunarcrush website.

The number of tokens you earn every day depends on your consistency and the amount of time you spend on the website exploring social metrics for different tokens. After you’ve collected a minimum of 35 LUNR tokens, you can withdraw them to your Metamask or Trustwallet for safekeeping.

4. Earn Free Crypto Using the Brave Browser

This browser not only lets you crawl the Web without advertisements but also rewards you if you decide to watch these ads. Yes, the Brave Browser makes you a part of the deal when it comes to making money from ads, as it shares its ad revenue.

First, you get to choose the ads you see, and for every Brave Ad you view, you get free Basic Attention Tokens or BAT. You can collect as many BAT tokens as you want and use them on the sites you love.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Brave Browser

What’s even more exciting here is that if you’re a content creator, other users can reward you with these tokens. Afterward, you can simply transfer these tokens to any exchange wallet and sell or save them all you want.

What makes earning BAT tokens exciting is the coin’s promising future and excellent tokenomics. You may want to hold on to your BAT tokens as they are most likely going to appreciate in the coming years.

5. Exchange Signup and Referral Bonuses

In an effort to grow its user base, many crypto exchanges give out free crypto as a handsome bonus to new users. It basically does this to encourage users to trade on its platform. You can make the best use of this opportunity to collect free tokens.

There are many different schemes and ways that different exchanges use to reward their users, but the most common and simple ones are signup bonuses and referral programs.

Listed here are the best signup and referral bonus programs offered by the most popular exchanges.


6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Binance

Binance is the biggest crypto exchange used by millions of users and has made sure even you get the benefit of its name. It offers an excellent referral program that rewards you with commissions up to 40 percent of your friends’ trades when they start trading.

ByBit Rewards

The ByBit Rewards referral program does not depend on commissions. Instead it offers a $20 bonus when you sign up with a friend’s referral link. You can also share your own referral link with your friends, and you will each receive $20 in your trading wallets for every successful signup.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Bybit Signup

Additionally, every time you trade, you win a reward card worth up to $500 with guaranteed wins and can unlock new reward cards each time you hit a simple trading volume milestone. The more you trade, the bigger the rewards. You can also earn coupons, bonuses, and much more by completing the assigned tasks.


6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Gemini Signup

Gemini is yet another trusted and safe platform to start trading and build your cryptocurrency portfolio. Every time you sign up on Gemini using a friend’s referral code and complete trades worth $100, you both get rewarded with $10 worth of Bitcoin.


6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Kucoin Signup

The KuMEX referral scheme by KuCoin lets you invite your friends on the exchange. Once they complete a valid trade, you get rewarded. The icing on the cake here is that for the next one year, you get 0.005 percent commission every time they buy or sell crypto on KuCoin.

6. Play Free Mobile Games and Collect Rewards in Crypto

If you’re already spending time mastering games online or even Temple Run on your phone, earning crypto side by side is a cakewalk. Yes, you can actually play games to get free crypto.

The list below includes a few games that will reward you.

Coin Hunt

If you like basic strategy-based games, you’ll enjoy playing Coin Hunt. The idea here is to find the hidden keys that unlock treasure chests.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Coinhunt

Periodically when collecting keys in the game, you will get rewarded with free crypto. Additionally, players earn up to $20 every week by cranking their skills up a notch. The best part is, Coin Hunt rewards you with valuable crypto coins instead of worthless tokens found on other scam sites.


If you are a pro at solving crosswords, then you can get paid for it by CryptoWord. It’s just like any other crossword game, except instead of worthless game points, you get rewarded with Bitcoin.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Cryptoword

As you play more, your earning potential increases over time, and you can claim rewards every three days. As long as you score 145 points per word, your wallet will be cashed in with one Satoshi. Easy money all night long.


Remember CandyCrush? CryptoPop is just like it. The idea behind the game is the same, except you have to group Bitcoins, Monero, XRP, Ether, and Neo coins together.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Cryptopop

Just like most other apps, you need to sign up and register as a player on CryptoPop. Blast your way through to the moon on the game with as many coins as you can put together. Depending on how high you are on the leaderboard, you can earn extra cryptocurrency.

The more you play and win, the more rewards you can claim in the form of Ethereum (ETH). To withdraw your “hard-earned” crypto, register your ERC-20 address (basically your Ethereum wallet address), and your rewards will be transferred to your wallet.

Chain Of Guardians

If you are a serious gamer or someone who enjoys playing shooting games, Chain of Guardians is a godsend. Unlike other games you might get bored of after a while, COG is pretty addictive.

6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Cog

It’s a blockchain-based, decentralized game set up in an anime universe. You have to strategize, build teams, unlock more powerful characters and win battles against enemy teams. You can have all this fun while collecting rewards in the form of COG tokens you can later transfer to your crypto wallet.

7. Earn Interest on the Crypto That You Hold

Did you know you can generate passive income from the coins you have invested in? For example, if you own some LUNA tokens, you can park them to earn a certain percentage of your staked amount every month.

There are many companies out there that pay handsome interest rates for parking your crypto assets in their wallets. This may require a little more knowledge about the crypto market than the other options, but it lets you bag great profits without having to trade at all.

This process is known as staking, which works on the Proof of Stake (PoS) model, as opposed to mining, which works on the Proof of Work (PoW) model.

PoS is more efficient and sustainable. You need to pool your crypto assets into a common server with other stakers. The server becomes a part of the blockchain and facilitates the processing of payments on this blockchain. Since you’re storing your coins and putting them to work, you earn an interest on them, which varies from coin to coin and also depends on how much you invest.

While your coins are staked away in the wallet, you cannot trade them until you unstake them. Some companies specify a minimum staking period before you cannot withdraw your coins, while others let you easily remove your staked crypto. The interest rates on different sites vary, but they’ve been observed to be promising assets as well.

Included below are some of the best staking sites that let you park your crypto and generate passive income.


6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Blokfi

BlockFi offers an interest rate of a striking 9.5% Annual Percentage Yield (APY) on your crypto balance. This interest is accrued daily (interest is added to the account balance every day) and is paid off monthly to your BlockFi Interest Account (BIA).


6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Gemini Staking

Likewise, Gemini offers an interest rate of 8.05% APY on your cryptocurrency, including all stable coins like Tether (USDT), Binance USD (BUSD), etc.


6 Ways To Earn Free Crypto Crypto Dot Com Earn

Crypto.com offers a whopping interest rate of up to 14.5% per annum for stable coins, depending on the term of your deposit. You can use the calculator on the platform to value your returns instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I claim the free crypto earned by playing games?

Most games send out the earned rewards to your ETH wallet or, in some cases, even directly to your exchange wallets. To claim the crypto you have earned by playing games, you need to have an ERC20 wallet address.

After you’ve earned the minimum amount set by the game, enter your wallet address into the game’s withdraw menu and send coins directly to your hot wallet or your hardware wallet.

2. Is it safe to participate in “earn free crypto” schemes?

Even though all the methods mentioned above are tried and tested, it’s best to be careful before getting involved in anything that has the word money in it.

There are many scam websites online that ask you to complete simple tasks to earn crypto but never actually give out any. If you are new to this space, it’s best to stick with the options mentioned above or be very careful in trying out any new “Free Money” schemes that look promising.

3. What is the safest way to earn free crypto?

The safest and most promising way to earn free crypto is by participating in sign-up and referral bonus programs. Along with being reliable, they don’t require you to transfer your earned rewards to any external wallets, as they are automatically transferred in the respective exchange’s wallet.

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