5 Apps to Watermark Images on Your Mac

Watermarking your images helps your viewers know that those images are actually captured by you even if they appear in some other person’s work. It indirectly adds credits to your image, in case the publisher of your work forgot to add them. While you can use apps like Photoshop to add a watermark to an image, there are some dedicated watermarking apps for your Mac. Once you install these apps on your machine, it will become very easy for you to watermark your images in a few clicks. Here are five such apps that do watermarking for you on your Mac:

1. iWatermark Pro


Not only is iWatermark Pro available for Mac, but it’s present for iOS, Android, and Windows as well. It’s one of the best watermarking apps for Mac, and it supports over six types of watermarks – some of them being text, QR code, graphics, and so on. Once you install the app, you just need to drag and drop your images to be watermarked, set preferences, and your images will be ready with your chosen watermark on them.

Besides watermarking, it can perform some other photo tasks as well, including filtering and resizing. The app is available free of cost on its website.

2. Photo Bulk


Photo Bulk for Mac is a lightweight application that lets you easily add a watermark to an image. You just need to drag and drop your image into the app, choose the watermark type from the menu, modify the settings to your choices, and you are good to go. It’s a very minimalistic app that does not contain any kind of clutter or anything like that. It’s a simple app that performs a couple of tasks related to images.

The app can be downloaded for free from its official website.

3. WatermarQue


Although WatermarQue is no longer updated by the developers, it’s still an app you can use for watermarking your images. The main interface of the app is where you can find all the tools you need. Drop your image into the given area, set the settings to your choices, and let the app do its magic. Once an image is watermarked, you can find it in the destination folder specified by you in the app. The app supports multiple images to be processed at the same time. It saves you the hassle of watermarking images individually as the app can do them all at the same time for you.

The app is available for free, and you should definitely give it a try.

4. Star Watermark


Star Watermark is yet another app that helps you lay watermarks on your images. It’s usually used for batch photos and not single ones, as the app is capable of processing more than one photo at a time. Once you have added a couple of images, the app starts working on them immediately and gives you results within a few minutes. The free version is limited in terms of features, but the pro version allows you to do many things with your images.

You can download the free version from their official website.

5. uMark


uMark for Mac lets you add marks, aka watermarks, to your images in just a couple of clicks. You can add text or image watermarks, choose batch images, add QR codes to your images, customize your watermarks the way you want, and so on. When you think your image is ready you can preview it to see if everything went well. If not, just re-do the image and get it perfected the way you want it. The app exists for both Windows and Mac.

You can download it for free from its official website.


While it’s easy for anyone to take your pictures and put them in their work, having a watermark on those images will at least keep your credits on your images. The above apps should help you do exactly that on your Mac. Do let us know which app worked the best for you!

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

Mahesh Makvana is a freelance tech writer who's written thousands of posts about various tech topics on various sites. He specializes in writing about Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android tech posts. He's been into the field for last eight years and hasn't spent a single day without tinkering around his devices.

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