How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Mobile

With 300 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, there is never a shortage of videos. The only problem is that you can only access YouTube where there is a good Internet connection. If you ever find yourself in places where Internet access is poor, and you love watching videos, you may want to learn how to watch YouTube videos offline.

If you have saved videos for offline viewing, then you can easily access your videos and watch them. Let’s explore your options.

How to Watch YouTube Videos Offline on Mobile Devices

Are you one of the 80 percent of YouTube users who watch videos on your phone? There are ways to save your data while using YouTube.

YouTube also allows downloading for offline playback but only in a few countries.


However, YouTube requires users from certain countries to connect to the Internet at least once every 29 days if they’ve downloaded non-music video content on their mobile.


YouTube Red users can download videos on their mobile devices. The service costs $10 a month, gives subscribers premium access to YouTube content, and removes all ads.

YouTube Go

YouTube finally launched their YouTube Go app for watching and downloading YouTube videos for offline viewing. In April 2017 YouTube launched their beta version of the app for testers in India and then expanded to fourteen other countries. The app launched to the public on February 01, 2018.

The app is available in more than 130 countries. It’s 8.5MB, so it’s significantly lighter than the conventional YouTube app which is more than ten times heavier.

You can get the app on the PlayStore and on the App Store as well. Once you’ve downloaded the YouTube Go app, follow these instructions to see how to set it up and start downloading videos.

1. Click “Next” to start your setup.


2. You’ll get a prompt to enter your mobile number, and then you’ll receive a verification code (which automatically verifies your phone). The app takes you to the next step.


3. You can choose to update your Google account here if you want or click “Next” to continue.


4. Now you’re ready to go. Click “Next” to start using the app.


5. You can search for, find, and download videos that you like. When you find a video you like, simply open it, and you’ll have the option to download or watch it.


6. You can choose your preferred video quality. All videos have the Basic, Standard, and High quality options. The higher the video quality you choose to download, the more data you’d consume. Click on “Download” after choosing your preferred video quality or “Play” to watch the video right on the app. Some videos do not have the download option.



7. Once your video is done downloading, you’ll find it in the “Downloads” folder of the app. You can access and play this video offline whenever you want.


8. To delete a video you’ve downloaded, click on the three dots beside the video and select “Delete.” Click on the video anytime you want to watch it.

The download feature on YouTube Go is a paid feature on YouTube Red. If you live in countries with more developed Internet networks – like the UK, Canada, US, Japan, Germany, France, or South Korea – you may not have access to YouTube Go. You can use a VPN on your phone to access and enjoy the app, though. (That’s provided you have the phone number for verification.)


Knowing how to watch YouTube videos offline makes your online experience cheaper. It also gives you access to your desired content even when you’re offline.

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Nicholas Godwin
Nicholas Godwin

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