How to Watch World Cup 2014 Live on iPhone, iPad, Android and Web

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is truly happening in Brazil, and as we’ve seen many upsets over the past couple of days, you want to ensure that you don’t miss a second of the matches being held over the next few weeks. Today we’ll be showing you how you can tune in to watch World Cup 2014 live via your browser, smartphone, tablet, console (if supported), etc., so stay tuned.

There are many different ways to stay updated with all the action happening in Brazil, but the actual method on how you plan to catch the action depends upon the specific platform you use, and where you live. And if you’re a hardcore soccer fan like many of use here at MTE are, you don’t want to miss the famous tournament that only occurs once every four years.

So, we’ve included here different methods to catch the World Cup live on different platforms below, so check them out.



There’s a free app available both in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, named “Univision Deportes”, which lets you watch the World Cup for free.

Once you locate the app, download it. When downloaded, open the app and press “WATCH LIVE” to start watching. This should work in most countries, but there may be occasional blackouts in some areas which will result in no stream running.

United States

If you live in the USA, then you can use the WatchESPN app available in the App Store and Google Play Store to catch all the action live. You’ll need to have a ESPN subscription to use the app though.

United Kingdom

For all of you who reside in the UK, the BBC iPlayer and ITV Player mobile apps essentially offer the same coverage you get on the Web version. Download BBC iPlayer for iOS and Android, and ITV Player for iOS and Android to catch the action live.


Users in Canada can get in on the World cup action by downloading the official CBC Fifa World Cup 2014 app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

United States

Viewers in the United States can catch up with all the action by navigating to site is specifically designed with browser viewing in mind, but the catch is that you’ll need an ESPN subscription to watch the World Cup on their site.

United Kingdom

BBC and ITV has shared jurisdiction over the televising of the entire World Cup. All matches will either be televised by BBC or ITV, and naturally, their respective websites will be streaming the content live either at or

Here’s a full schedule on which broadcaster will be televising which match, courtesy of Whathifi:



CBC has specially designed a portion of its website for the 2014 FIFA World Cup which will be streaming all of the matches live. So, if you reside in Canada, you can keep up with all the action courtesy of CBC.


Technically, there isn’t a native app present in the Xbox Store to let you watch the World Cup, but you can use the Destination Brazil app alongside your standard TV cable connection to increase the World Cup viewing experience. Destination Brazil feeds you real time stats and photos in the “snap” mode next to your TV cable box, which is sure to be very fun.


Well, if none of the Worldwide methods above worked for you, and you don’t reside in any of the countries above, then be sure to try various VPN services to watch the World Cup via the aforementioned methods.

Use the above methods to watch the World Cup on various platforms, and enjoy this experience, as its not bound to come back for another four years. With these many European team upsets happening in the past few days, tell us, is your favorite team out of the World Cup, and if yes, which team are you now supporting?

If you can’t get access to these methods, don’t worry. There’s a worldwide, multi-platform method to let you watch the World Cup highlights for free.