Watch Movie Trailers on Netflix Before Watching in Chrome

Watch Movie Trailers on Netflix Before Watching in Chrome

Netflix is a great subscription service for movies and TV shows, but one huge thing that it’s missing is the ability to watch movie trailers. Sure, there are sites like Trailers for Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes, that let you view trailers of movies available on Netflix, but require you to use another website. Netflix Trailer Button Adder, a Chrome extension, changes that. It lets you watch movie trailers on Netflix so that you can better decide if you’d like to watch a movie or not.

This Chrome Extension adds a 'Watch Trailer' button to Netflix.

Since it is an extension, you simply add it to your Chrome browser and then visit You should see a “Watch Trailer” button underneath each movie image; it also works for TV shows too. Once you click on the button, a video will pop-up for you to watch; it appears that all of the videos are from YouTube, which is also nice if you’re an active YouTube user.

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