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If utilized right, Kodi can be the ultimate entertainment machine. This application has the power to combine your locally stored media with online media streaming services. And considering the massive popularity of Disney+, it’s no wonder that you can also access it via Kodi. Laid out below is how to watch Disney+ on Kodi. 

What Do You Need to Make Disney+ on Kodi a Reality

Let’s spend a little bit of time talking about the requirements of watching Disney+ on Kodi. With that said, you need to have Kodi on your device. For more information, check out how to set up Kodi on your Windows PCMac, and Linux.  

Also, know that Kodi v19 “Matrix” has been released recently, with significant improvements across the board. This version of Kodi also brings Python 3, which is why most third-party add-ons no longer work with Kodi.

However, this won’t be the case with the add-on shown in this article. This one works with Kodi v19 “Matrix,” Kodi v18 “Leia,” and earlier versions.

Lastly, know that you’ll need an active subscription to Disney+ before entering this process. There’s no way to sign up from Kodi, so make sure to have your credentials ready.

How to Install and Watch Disney+ on Kodi

The following process consists of two equally important parts. First, we instruct Kodi to allow third-party add-ons. Next, we install a repository that contains the Disney+ add-on for Kodi. 

1. Launch Kodi and click on the cogwheel icon in the top-left corner (just below Kodi’s logo). This will open Kodi’s preferences where you need to select “System.”

Disney Plus Kodi Enabling Unofficial Sources

2. Now, make sure to click on “Add-ons” using the sidebar on the left. On the right, hover over “Unknown Sources” and make sure to enable this option. Kodi will ask to confirm your decision, so make sure to do so (by clicking on “Yes”).

3. From Kodi’s home screen, click on the cogwheel icon (to access Kodi’s preferences once again). However, this time, make sure to select “File Manager.”

Disney Plus Kodi Adding New Source

2. Double-click on “Add Source” on the left side. A pop-up window will appear. Click on “<None>.” Kodi will present an empty field, asking for a URL address. Make sure to type in the following: Click OK to confirm the entry.

3. Don’t forget to name your new source. You can go with “SlyGuy,” then press OK to dismiss the pop-up. You have now added a new file source to Kodi, which we will use to install the SlyGuy repository.

Disney Plus Kodi Adding Slyguy Repository

4. Repeat step one. (You should see Kodi’s preferences again.) Select “Add-ons,” then select “Install from ZIP File.” Navigate to SlyGuy and click on this source’s name. When you see a single ZIP file, click on it. After a few moments, Kodi will install the SlyGuy repository.

Disney Plus Kodi Installing Slyguy Repository

5. We need to access the newly installed repository. Do this by clicking on “Install from Repository.” Navigate to “SlyGuy Repository -> Video Add-ons.”

Disney Plus Kodi Accessing Slyguy Repository

6. At this moment, you should see a series of Kodi add-ons. Since this article is about watching Disney+ on Kodi, go ahead and click on “Disney+.” Finally, click “Install” in the bottom-right corner.

Disney Plus Kodi Installing The Addon

7. Return to Kodi’s home page and select “Add-ons” using the main menu. Hover over “Video Add-ons,” then open the Disney Plus add-on. Log in using your Disney+ credentials.

Disney Plus Kodi Addons Home Screen

That’s it! Once you log in, you will get to access the entire Disney+ library without any limitations. We hope that you realize how powerful Kodi can be when used right and for legitimate purposes. 

Finally, we have one more tip for you. Keep in mind that Disney+ is available in select countries only. However, VPNs can unblock this media streaming service from anywhere. Therefore, don’t forget to take a look at our article on how to use a VPN with Kodi.

Wrapping Up

You have learned here how to watch Disney+ on Kodi. If you are interested in more streaming services, check out the best Kodi add-ons for all your streaming needs and how to set up remote control on Kodi using Kore

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