Wally: A Cross Platform Wallpaper Changer

Wallpapers breathe life into a desktop. But the same wallpaper can be boring after some days. if you want to automatically rotate wallpapers in your desktop, Wally is just the tool you need. It’s a cross platform wallpaper rotator that can rotate wallpapers in your desktop from multiple sources. You need not save wallpapers from different websites in your computer. Wally can search Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket, Bing, Smugmug and other sources and set a new wallpaper as your desktop background automatically.

How Wally Works

Download Wally for your OS and install the application. The software is compatible in all Windows versions, Linux and Mac as well. Once installed, right click the system tray icon, go to settings and start adding the folders which contains your wallpapers or pictures.


Adding local picture folders

Once you add the folders containing your pictures and wallpapers, Wally will automatically scan those folders and set an image as desktop background. You can adjust the position of the wallpaper as centered, scaled, autofit etc. The time of rotation can be set to as low as 2 minutes. Here is how the settings panel look


You can set Wally to automatically start up when your system boots. The time interval of rotating wallpapers can be adjusted in seconds, minutes and hours. Just put a custom time interval in the interval dropdown.

Adding random images

If you have a large collection of photos stored in your computer and do not want to use that folder for wallpaper setting, you can consider adding some selected images in Wally. following are the steps involved to add some selected files in Wally and rotate them after a timed interval

1. Open Wally Settings and go to “Files” from the left pane.


2. Select the images that you want to keep in the Wally settings. You can totate through only these images whenever you switch the “next photo” button from system tray.

Rotate wallpapers manually

If you don’t want to rotate wallpapers automatically, just select a long time interval from the Interval dropdown (e.g 900 hours). To rotate wallpapers on your own, right click the system tray icon and select next photo. Wally will pick a random photo from your picture folders that you have already added and set it as desktop background.


Rotate wallpapers in your desktop from different sources

This is what makes Wally very interesting to use. Wally supports 10 popular image search engines and you can set a wallpaper based on your custom searches, tags etc.

To be more clear, you can set the photos of a particular Flickr tag as desktop background and rotate them after a definite time interval. Following are the steps involved to rotate wallpapers of a Flickr tag:

1. Open Wally, go to settings and activate the Flickr module.


2. Click the Flickr icon from the left pane and add the tags of your choice. You can add multiple tags as well as full text searches.


3. Next, Choose the size of pictures you want to filter and set the order of rotation. Click ok when you are done.

That’s it. Wally will search the sources and tags that you have provided, pick up any random picture and set it as desktop background. If you like a definite image and want to save that image in your computer, just click the system tray icon and select “Save photo”.

Similarly you can use other photo sites like Photobucket, Picasa, Smugmug, Yahoo, Panoramio, Buzznet etc.

On an ending note, Wally is just brilliant and way more customizable than other wallpaper changers like Webshots, Picasa etc. It’s lightweight and compatible with all platforms. What tools or software do you use to change wallpapers automatically? Do let us know whether you found Wally interesting or not.

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