Are You Waiting to Buy a Foldable Phone?

If you regularly browse the technology news, you’ll see that foldable phones are all over the place. Every phone manufacturer is either working on one or releasing one it seems. But is this really what consumers are looking for? Are they waiting for foldable phones to be released so that they can get one for themselves? Are you waiting to buy a foldable phone?

Our Opinion

While Alex likes the idea, especially in that “it solves the awkward tablet problem (all the portability of a computer with all the features of a phone),” he doesn’t have a pressing need to have a foldable phone in his life. This is especially so when he considers what the price point for these phones will probably be for the next few years.

Damien agrees that he likes the idea of a foldable device, “but the current options are quite limited, and the price is very expensive.” He plans to just continue monitoring the market to see if it will become mainstream.

Kenneth finds the Huawei foldable phone is “tempting, plus it’s nearly bezel-less unlike the Samsung fold.” But he doesn’t want to pay that price. He’ll reconsider in the future when there is more of a competitive market to pull the price down.


Like the others, Phil thinks he’ll wait, but his reasons are different. He wants to wait until they start breaking, “as then you’ll know a) how long they last and b) the next ones will be better.”

Sayak isn’t planning on buying one at the moment, but he does like the concept. For him it’s “about not causing any damage to your phone from a sudden drop.” While a major issue with foldable phones is that they’re heavy, he compares it to carrying two phones in your pocket, yet there’s also twice the screen display, which is really tempting to him.

Ryan is the first to say he’s not planning on buying one. “Folding my phone only adds to the bulk, so I’m not sure of the benefit, other than a larger viewing area.” What he has more of an interest in are the phones Sony unveiled that have a 21:9 aspect ratio. It’s a big screen but easy to hold in your hand.

I’m not looking forward to a foldable phone either. They don’t interest me in the least bit and seem very gimmicky. I use my iPad far more than my phone, so there just doesn’t seem to be a point. I don’t even like larger phones.

Your Opinion

Are you waiting for the price point to come down or for eventual, better releases of foldable phones? Is it the larger screen that interests you? Or are you willing to pass on this fad? Chime in to the conversation and let us know how you feel about foldable phones.

Image Credit: Brian Shen/Weibo and David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Tom’s Guide

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  1. Nah. This type of tech to me doesn’t have any real value. I could see if this thing was “paper thin” and folded to the thickness of a birthday card, but as it is now?…this is just “tech-for-techs-sake” I mean, aside from them touting the larger screen display, exactly WHAT is the draw?……better battery life? (got that already!) face unlock? (got that!) fingerprint unlock (got it!) large screen (got it!) so exactly WHAT would be the reason to actually buy one of these?…and then?…when you think of the PRICES they’re asking?…..Yeah. No. Listen, I know I get called out on this a lot, and its not like I can’t appreciate new technology, and I agree that a lot of the things we use today were once called “unnecessary”…..but these things that were invented?…had SOME use/value concept attached to it. These?….seem more of a fashion statement. Something to look “cool” with while standing on the Red Carpet at the Oscars ceremony. In the real world?…I cannot see a concept for this. No serious SysAdmin is going to want to fiddle with her phone just to address an issue with one of the network switches, if anything, she will do as she always does; acknowledges the alarm with her phone, then grab her (Dell XPS?…Huawei Matebook Pro?…Lenovo Yoga?…..HP Spectre?…..MS Surfacebook?….Fill-In-The-Blank-Light-And-Portable-Laptop-Tablet-Brand-You-Know-And-Trust-Here!) and resolve the issue……because its not just about resolving the issue, but also of sending emails / texts etc…and hitting certain corporate websites that may require a security/PKI key that resides on the laptop….Aside from that?…I can’t see how this is going to be the “next big thing. Most folks aren’t looking for a folding phone. Especially not one that doubles the thickness of the device, and adds weight. The whole premise of the last wave of smartphones was “bigger screen-smaller bezels-better cameras-lighter-weight” not ONCE was folding implied, nor was it “wanted” or “demanded” from the masses. Sometimes it just seems that these companies will follow each other into a volcano’s center if it means more sales. Look at the “notch-gate” that took place a few years back. One company came out with it…then EVERY PHONE had it….and it wasn’t until the masses reviled it….called it ridiculous and stupid, it wasn’t until YouTube reviews started calling it “ugly” and claiming that they preferred the previous model phones that all those same companies started being innovative again and found ways to mitigate the notch. And then?…just like a winter snow storm….the notches disappeared… while this might look like the new “Rubik’s Cube” that’s going to sweep the nation….I seriously doubt it gets any further than this…not many people I’ve spoken to in the industry of IT / Technology / SysAdmin-Network Support?….say they would even bother with this. I guess they can sell them to teens?…who can use them for….well….I dunno…Skype?….FB?…Viber?…

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