How to Use Google Docs Voice Typing to Type Faster

Google Docs Voice Typing Faster

If you have ever wanted to have someone at your beck and call so they could write down everything for you, then it looks like you're going to be spending much time in Google Docs. Google allows you to type your documents using voice commands. You can even edit and format text by just using your voice. Read on to learn how to use voice typing in Google Docs to get more done quickly.

How to Enable Voice Typing in Google Docs

Before getting started, do note that voice typing on Google Docs only works on the desktop Chrome browser app.

1. Open your Google Docs document in the Chrome browser.

2. Go to the Tools menu and select "Voice typing."

You can also use the keyboard shortcuts of Ctrl + Shift + S for PC and Cmd + Shift + S for Mac to enable voice typing.

Google Docs Enable Voice Typing

How to Use Voice Typing in Google Docs

Once you enable Voice typing, a floating window with the microphone icon will appear on your screen. Drag the window to change its position. Click on the microphone icon and start speaking. Google Docs will automatically convert the speech into text. Once you stop speaking, the voice typing will automatically turn off. Click on the same icon again to start voice typing again.

Google Docs Voice Typing

How to Change Voice Typing Language

Google Docs voice typing works in multiple languages and accents. To choose your preferred language and accent, click on the language box present above the microphone icon in the floating window. Choose your required language.

Google Docs Voice Typing Change Language

How to Format Text Using Voice Typing

You can use voice typing in Google Docs to do all sorts of things. You can use voice commands such as add text styles like italics and bold, jump to a new paragraph, add punctuation, edit tables, delete the last word, insert equations, etc. Do note that voice commands work only in the English language.

For example, if you want a certain text in bold, you need to say "Bold" before the text. There are also commands that you will need to say after and not before. Let's say that you want to apply "Heading 1;" you will need to say this after you have said that text.

Similarly, by saying "go to" or "move to," you can easily move the mouse cursor to those positions without even touching your mouse. You can also add color to your text. Google Docs recognizes cyan, orange, red, green, yellow, purple, blue, and magenta.

On the Docs Support page, you can get the full list of commands that you can apply to Google Docs while voice typing. You can also say, "Voice commands help" if you want to access Google's Help Center right from Google Docs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Google Docs voice typing free?

Yes, it's a native service in Google Docs. You won't be charged anything for using it.

2. How do I fix an issue with the microphone not working while using voice typing?

If Google Docs voice typing isn't working due to microphone issues, make sure you have granted microphone permission to the website. Also, check the microphone settings on your PC. After checking all of these options, restart your computer.

3. How can I fix the voice typing option being grayed out?

If the voice typing feature appears greyed out, make sure you are using the Chrome browser. Also be sure the Chrome browser is running the most recent update and check the permissions for your microphone on the browser and your computer.

4. Can Voice Typing be used in Google Slides?

Yes, you can type with your voice in Google Slides speaker notes. Open your Google Slides presentation on in the Chrome browser and go to "Tools -> Voice type speaker notes." Do note that voice formatting commands are not available in speaker notes.

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If you aren't fast at typing and don't want to spend an hour typing when Google can do it in less time, you can use voice typing in Google Docs. However, some may prefer to continue using their keyboards and mice because it may be more comfortable or faster for them. Apart from that, being able to edit and format on Google Docs will also be very helpful for those who have an injury that prevents them from typing.

Using voice typing is just one of the amazing features of Google Docs. You can do even more with Google Docs, too, such as add a signature, compare two documents, and even collaborate with others.

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