How to View the Source Code of a Webpage in Safari on Mac

How to View the Source Code of a Webpage in Safari on Mac

Behind every beautiful webpage is a complex code called source code that serves the design and the functionality of that webpage to its users. Sometimes you may get curious and would like to see exactly what code builds a webpage. Viewing the source code of a webpage is possible in almost all web browsers, and the same applies to Safari for Mac.

Safari for Mac does allow you to view the source code of a webpage; however, it does not work like Chrome or Firefox. To view the source of a page in Safari you need to first unlock a hidden menu in the browser.

Here’s how to enable that menu and then see the source of a webpage using multiple ways.

View the Source Code of a Webpage in Safari on Mac

1. Launch Safari on your Mac.

2. When Safari launches, click on the “Safari” menu on the top followed by “Preferences…”


3. When the Preferences panel opens, click on the tab that says “Advanced”. It should be the last one in the menu on the top.


4. Inside the Advanced tab you should see an option that says “Show Develop menu in menu bar.”

Checkmark the box for the option, and the menu should instantly be added to the menu bar in the browser.


The Develop menu is now unlocked in Safari on your Mac. Here’s how you can use various options it gives you to access the source code of a webpage.

1. Using the Develop Menu

In the menu bar of Safari, you should now see a new option called “Develop” that has just been unlocked. To view the source of a page, click on the “Develop” menu and then choose “Show Page Source.”


Safari should instantly show you the full source code of the webpage.

2. Using a Keyboard Shortcut

If you plan to access the source code of a number of webpages, you may want to use a keyboard shortcut as it will be much faster than clicking an option in the menu bar and selecting another option.


While a webpage is open in Safari, press the “Option + Command + U” key combination,¬†and Safari should let you see the source code of the webpage.

3. Using the Right-Click Menu

The option for viewing the source code of a webpage has also been added to the context menu of Safari. To access it simply right-click while you are on a webpage, and select the option that says “Show Page Source.”safarisource-context


If Safari is your primary browser, and you happen to be someone who is interested in viewing the codes behind various webpages, the guide above should help you do that without requiring you to leave your favorite browser.

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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