How to View iPhone Emojis on Android

Everyone loves emojis! Using emojis jazzes up your messages, and without them, texting is just not the same. But do you know that each tech company uses unique versions of each emoji? They look different on your device than they look on the screen of the person who sent it.

This doesn’t mean that if you send a heart emoji, your iPhone carrying friend is going to see a stinky pile poo!

Emojis are standardized. What is a happy face on one device should also look like a happy face on a different device. However, there is a lot of room for interpretation as far as how a particular emoji should look. Just like a slight change in your facial expression might evoke a different emotional response than you wanted, with drawings like emojis, it could be even easier to misinterpret.


What if you have an Android phone, and you want to be sure your meaning is getting across to your friend with an iPhone? You might want to use iPhone emojis too.

There are several different ways to view iPhone emojis on your Android phone. Many methods require rooting your phone, which is a pretty big leap if the only thing you want to do is use different emojis.

Here are two ways to get those iPhone emojis without rooting your device.

Download an Emoji Font

1. First, you will need to download and install Emoji Font 3 from this site.


Note: You cannot download this program from the Google Play Store. To download it, you need to give your phone permission to do so by accessing your settings menu. Open the security menu to find “Unknown Sources” and then activate the option.


You will get a warning explaining that apps from unknown sources may be unsafe. The statement is true, so be careful which programs you install. As long as you install programs from reliable sources, it should not be a problem. Google just doesn’t want you installing apps that aren’t from their store.


2. After downloading go to “Settings -> Display -> Font” and change the font style to “Emoji font 3.”


3. Download the program Gboard from the Google Play Store.


4. Lastly, set Gboard as your default keyboard by launching the Settings app and going to “Language and Input” to change the keyboard.

Now you should be able to open iOS emojis from your keyboard by clicking on the face icon at the bottom of the keyboard.

Download an Emoji Keyboard

Installing an emoji font will work for some, but what do you do if your phone tells you the font is not supported? Once again, you can root the phone so that it will support those fonts. If you still don’t want to root, here’s another way to do it.

1. First, make sure to enable “Unknown Sources” like in step one above.

2. Download and install iOS Emoji.


3. Download and install Kika Keyboard from the Google Play Store.


4. Set Kika Keyboard as your default keyboard.

5. Open your messaging app, and then the keyboard. If you click on the emoji icon, you will see the iOS emojis as one of the groups.


With these two options, which add the iPhone emojis to your Android without rooting your phone, you don’t run the risk of sending a text with an emoji that conveys the wrong idea. And you can never have too many emojis, right?


  1. It doesn’t work don’t even try. First of all it says the keyboard installed can steal your data, and also i didn’t get the emojis, only an ugly ass keyboard.
    The problem is that when u put apply font 3 it says u can’t

  2. Ok. My friend sent me an emoji and it came up as a box with a “?” In it and i want to know what it is? But I don’t want the emoji just to view other peiples emojis that don’t come through?

    1. Download Imore keyboard and you should be able to after doing that with emoji font 3

  3. You can’t even view emojis you receive from iPhone users

  4. Doesn’t work

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