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  • Many free clips
  • Great range of sound clips
  • Nice motion graphics templates


  • Smaller range of clips but increasing

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The popularity of video-based social media means that more people are producing video content than at any other time in recorded human history. So, naturally, companies providing royalty-free video clips for use in broadcast video is also becoming very popular.

“Royalty free” means you don’t have to pay a royalty every time you use a clip in a production, which is the case for most commercial stock footage. In this increasingly litigious world, it also provides welcome peace of mind to know that if you intend to monetize or broadcast your videos, that the footage you include has been pre-cleared for any use you might want to put it to. This review takes a look at the Videvo and the yearly plans it offers on its stock video footage.

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Taking Stock

Videvo is a stock-footage video-clip service that provides high-quality clips, both free and paid, and in Full HD and 4K, for royalty-free use in video productions. A high proportion of the clips are free, but a simple subscription is required to access the premium clips. The quality of the clips is very high, and the interface, through which you access the clips, is very well-designed and clean.

Videvo Clips Interface2

Most free clips require some form of attribution, which means you have to give credit to Videvo or the creator, depending on the license for that clip. If you upgrade to a paid account, you won’t need to worry about paying a royalty or adding attribution and can use them as many times a you want, in many cases commercially.

Videvo Free

The library has expanded over the years since it was founded, and it now contains over 60,000 stock footage clips, 1200 motion graphics templates, and 200,000 music and sound effects, all under a variety of licenses (including the Videvo Attribution License, Creative Commons 3.0, and royalty free).

For whatever sort of clip you need, there’s literally something for everyone. It’s a comprehensive library with much to recommend, as the library does not stop at stock video and footage. It’s a one-stop shop for multimedia, as the library includes free music and After Effects and Premiere Pro templates. It even includes sound effects!

Adding Creative Spice

Most people who make video for broadcast or streaming need more content than they can personally generate – it’s a fact of life. For a gloss of professionalism, nothing cuts the mustard like a well-chosen piece of pro stock footage.

For less professional applications, even if you only make films for your own enjoyment, stock footage can add spice to your creative work and add production value to the most meager productions. What you need is a stock video library with a range of different subjects that has what are called “usable” clips, things you can cut in without too much trouble that match a range of styles.

Videvo Clips Details2

In pro filmmaking, stock footage saves time and, most importantly, money. Do you think those establishing shots of Paris were shot specially for the movie? Nope. Unless the budget is huge, they just shot the interiors in a studio in Burbank and paid a bundle for a quality stock shot of a Parisian street as the establishing shot.

Videvo Motion

Videvo is unique in the sense that it has both free and premium clips. As a basic account holder, you can peruse and download the free clips and use them any way you see fit, as long as you obey the terms of use and attribute the credit to the creator when you use them. This free tier of the service will get you a long way before you have to pay them anything.

But they also have a higher tier of clips, those which are available only to subscribers, and these tend to be the higher-quality clips and, presumably, the clips that are not royalty free, as they cost a lot to make.

Videvo Music

What I like about Videvo is that the clips are high quality, and it’s very easy to navigate and choose the clips you want using the online library browser. It’s very clear what the clip contains and what resolutions it’s available in. Obviously, the vast majority of the clips are HD 1920 x 1080, but as the library has expanded, a large range of clips are now available in 4K, which is a great resource as we make the transition to the higher resolution.


It’s possible that some of the bigger premium stock sites have many more clips. But as downsides go, that’s not a terrible one, as it will take you a LONG time to run out of clips on Videvo, and the site is adding new clips and creators all the time. It will only get better.


Videvo is on the base level available for free to anyone without signing up. If, however, you want access to the premium videos on the site, an upgrade to Videvo Plus is just $14.99 per month, but you can get 15% off with the code MTE 15 to pay just $12.74. For that, you get royalty-free licensing for use of the clips in your videos, no adverts, and the ability to cancel at any time.

There is also an upper level called Videvo Pro for $24.99 per month, that you can get for $21.24 fter applying the same code: MTE 15. You get all of the above plus access to more than 100,000 premium audio clips for that extra production gloss.

Phil South
Phil South

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