How to Perform a Video Screen Capture on Windows PC

Video Screen Capture for Windows Computers. Featured Image.

Many of us seek to perform a video screen capture on Windows PC for various reasons. For example, capturing a good moment on a news website that catches our eye. Or, it could be live stream feeds on social media to be included as part of a PowerPoint. Further, you may simply want to borrow precious minutes from an online video for your personal entertainment.

While video editing software like Adobe Premiere CC or even the rudimentary MovieMaker are ideally suited for such jobs, there is a downside. With a full editing software, you will first have to import the video clips into the timeline to smooth the edges. This is definitely time-consuming.

Nowadays, a perfect screen-recording software is what you need as an alternative to video-editing solutions. Here, we will show a few ways to capture any video that you see online and achieve a high quality video clip.

Video Screen Capture with Windows Game Bar

There are quite a few of us who are not aware of Windows Game Bar, a secret feature of Windows 10. With this app you can use the short-cut key Win + G to open a widget that will take standard photo screenshots as well as videos. It gives consistent results anytime and anywhere.


Click “Record from now” on a video’s full-screen mode at a precise point in the clip. Immediately, it will start recording a video for as long as you’d like. There are no time limits in the video output. The software is intuitive and quickly saves the video at a convenient PC location.

Captured video screen on YouTube

The best part is that the saved video can be immediately used with PowerPoint files. Simply insert the video into a slide, and you can play the clip right there on a full screen during a presentation.

Captured Video Screen inserted in PowerPoint.


Not all is okay with the software, though. Windows Game bar, while doing a great job with videos screen’s capture, fails to ignore the “red watched bar” on YouTube screens. The software was custom-built as a game app, not something for unique video recordings.

However, it remains absolutely free. So, if you don’t want too much of a professional finish, the free utility would cover your basic requirements.

Using TinyTake

To achieve a professional video screenshot, TinyTake gives a neat and beautiful finish. This solution is highly recommended compared to many other apps, as there is absolutely no “delay” in capturing live screens. The utility is available at the official website.


TinyTake is very suited for capturing live stream events. After opening the app, click on “Capture Video.” You will have to draw the precise boundaries around a video. The drawing feature is useful to create popular “Reaction videos” on various topics: movie trailers, games, software, etc.

Video screen capture by TinyTake app

After saving the final video, you can download a high-quality video clip on the TinyTake widget itself.


TinyTake does not allow you to capture more than five minutes of video in the free version. On a paid version you can download up to 120 minutes of a complete video. This is a good alternative to downloading from NetFlix. However, photo screenshots remain absolutely free. Also, there are no watermarks in the saved video which negates the five-minute limitation.

The Lightweight Ice Cream Recorder

In another video screen recorder worth recommending, Ice Cream Recorder fits the bill. The lightweight app, in comparison to TinyTake, does a great job in capturing video screens without a fuss.


After installing the software, simply drag the screenshot saver to the target video. You can capture a full-screen video or a small rectangular section without any problems.

Icecream Video Screen Recorder.


Like TinyTake, Ice Cream Recorder does not allow you to capture more than five minutes of video in the free version.

Where to Search for Royalty-Free Videos

Apart from knowing how to use video screenshot savers, it is important to find royalty-free video downloads. It is very easy on YouTube. After you use a search criteria, head toward “Filter” where you can find Creative Commons videos. Such a setting allows you to find videos you can use without attribution.



We live in an age of instant entertainment driven by fast retelling of live events. Video recording software is integral to creating enriched audiovisual experiences in all aspects of life.

What is your video screen capture experience with TinyTake and other utilities? Let us know in the comments below.

Sayak Boral
Sayak Boral

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