Use a Video as Your Facebook Profile Picture Instead of a Photo


If that crazy selfie of yours that is set as your Facebook profile picture isn’t enough, then you might want to take it up a notch with a video. Facebook now lets you set a short video as your profile picture. All you need is an Android or iOS device, and you can upload a profile video, maximum seven seconds, right from the offiicial Facebook app. We will show you how in this tutorial.

Note: we are using an Android phone for this demonstration. The same instructions should apply to the Facebook app for iOS.

Set a Video as Your Facebook Profile Picture

Currently you can’t set a video as your profile picture using Facebook on the Web. It can only be done on your Android or iOS smart device with the Facebook app installed. Launch the Facebook app on your device and open your profile. At the top you will see your picture with a tiny camera and a video camera icon continuously switching at the bottom. Tap on your profile picture, and you will be given two options to upload a video: “Take a New Profile Video” and “Upload Video or Photo.”


If you want to create a new profile video with your device’s camera, then tap on “Take a New Profile Video.” If you already have a profile video less than seven seconds in duration, then you can tap on “Upload Video or Photo.”

If you tap on “Take a New Profile Video,” your device’s front camera will open with a big red button at the bottom. You can also switch to the rear camera with the switch button on the top-right corner. To start recording the video tap on the big red button, and the video will start recording with a limited duration of seven seconds.


Once the video is recorded you will be taken to the next screen where you can preview it and turn the sound on or off. Tap on “Next” and select the thumbnail on the next screen. The video profile picture only plays when someone accesses your Facebook profile; it will not play in other users’ newsfeed or other areas to keep distractions to a minimum. Therefore you need to choose a thumbnail from the video that will be used as your profile picture and displayed everywhere else. After selecting a thumbnail, tap on “Use,” and the video will be uploaded and applied as your Facebook profile video. The video will loop while giving a GIF-like feeling.


If you already have a video that you would like to use as the profile video, then tap on “Upload Video or Photo.” All your videos and photos will open; just select the appropriate video and follow the same instructions as above to preview and select a thumbnail.


That’s it. Now you can set any video as your Facebook profile picture.

Time to Practice Your Winking

Now that you can further express yourself with videos, how are you planning to use this feature? You can say hello, welcome a profile visitor, wink at them or even do a marketing stunt; the possibilities are limitless. Do share your creative ideas in the comments below.

Image credit: vigneshkumar via Wikimedia Commons

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