Vector Robot by Anki with Built-in Alexa for $140 Off

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Doesn’t everyone want a little help in their home from a robot? Old sci-fi movies and television shows made them look very helpful. You can get some of that help with a Vector Robot by Anki that has Alexa built in. This tiny robot is available at more than 50 percent off.

While it has some of the capabilities of other smart home devices, what this robot is meant to do is be of service to you. It will just hang out and help you out wherever it’s needed.

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Powered by artificial intelligence with advanced robotics, the Vector Robot by Anki is voice activated and will answer questions, take photos, set a time, show the weather, and more. If you add Alexa to it, you can also set reminders and control other smart home devices. It cannot stream music services, but if you have a separate smart speaker, Vector will dance for you.

Connected to Wi-Fi and the cloud, this little robot can move and navigate independently and also self-charge. It can recognize people and avoid obstacles. A compatible iOS or Android device is required for the vector app and for setup.

While Anki has stopped the development and manufacturing of the robot, it has stated it will continue to provide long-term support.

Get this robot for just $110, a total of $139.99 off.

Vector Robot by Anki

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