5 Must-Have Valentine’s Day Apps for Android

5 Must Have Valentine's Day Apps [Android]

Love is in the air everywhere I look around. That is a phrase that you will surely be singing this month since love is going to be in the air in the days surrounding Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to sleep in the dog house this year, you can prepare for the big day with these useful Android apps for Valentine’s Day. All of the following apps are free.

Love Frames


Want to score some points and put your Valentine’s picture in the perfect photo frame? With Love Frames you can choose between all kinds of photo frames for that perfect Valentine’s Day greeting, a total of fourteen frames. You can choose between Beach, Te-Cup, I Love You Frame, and more! You can also choose and apply twenty photo effects such as GrayScale, Sepia, Invert, Tint, Black and White, Blur, etc., and you can either save it on your device or share it to Facebook or Instagram or through any other app you might have on your device such as adding to Dropbox or adding it as a pin in Pinterest.

Love Tester


It’s obvious that you can’t measure the love between two people with an app, but it’s still fun to test it out and see how much percentage both of you get with Love Tester. As you can see, I put Android and iPhone to see the love between these two platforms, and I have to say that I am a bit surprised at the results, aren’t you? All you have you do is type in your name and your sweetie’s name and see what the result is. It’s a fun Valentine’s Day app to try.

Love Poems


With Love Poems you are always going to know what to say on Valentine’s Day. It’s also a great help when you want to write the perfect words on the card forthat your Valentine. With this app you can count on 60 pages of lovely poems that will melt your Valentine’s heart. You can choose between poems called I Promise, A Part of My Heart, The Day You Came Into My Life, What Did I Ever Do, and more! See a poem you want to share? The app offers you that option as well; you can either send via Email or another app you might have on your device.

Love Greeting Cards


Love Greeting Cards offer you sixteen different cards to tell that special someone how much you love them. You can choose between the various styles of I Love You cards, Hearts, and Heart-shaped candy. To personalize your card, just tap on the hamburger icon menu at the top right-hand corner and choose to customize, and after you can upload it to whatever other apps you have installed on your device or send it to that special someone.

Insta Love Wallpaper


Insta Love Wallpaper is another app that will fill your smartphone with love for the big day. You can choose from fifteen different wallpapers, and since there are some that don’t say Valentine’s Day, they are wallpapers you can use all year round. That way you don’t have to uninstall them after Valentine’s Day has passed.


Valentine’s Day is almost here, and these apps will help you get ready for the big day; you may even want to keep some after the day has passed. Remember, all these apps are free, so they are worth a look. Don’t forget to give the article a share and let us know which app you liked best in the comments.

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