4 of the Best Utility Apps for Rooted Android Devices

4 of the Best Root Utility Apps for Android

Some people root Android to get rid of disgusting carrier and/or manufacturer bloatware. Others do it to install custom versions of Android. This list is not directed at those people. Instead, this list is directed at those who root their Android devices specifically to use the awesome tools available such as utility apps.

Here’s a list of four of the best utility apps for rooted Android devices. Obviously there are more than just four root tools. We’ve just chosen to cover four out of the many tools out there. Let’s get started!

Xposed Framework


If the reason you rooted your Android is because of the customization that it allows, you really need to consider checking out Xposed Framework. It’s not just an app – far from it. Instead, it’s an entire platform, that when installed and enabled, allows you to install different modules that can modify anything from the way Android looks and behaves down to customizing apps and just about everything else in between.



If you thought advertisements viewed when browsing on a laptop or desktop could be obnoxious and sketchy, you haven’t seen anything yet. Ads on Android can be really obnoxious. Some even take over your browser, play noises and refuse to let you quit without pressing “OK” in a dialog box.

This is why blocking advertisements is a must on Android, if you value your sanity. Now, of course, if you use the Firefox Android browser, you could probably just install the add-on and be done with it. Still, Adaway, with root access, not only allows you to block annoying ads seen in web browsers but obnoxious advertisements in actual Android apps, too! It’s very useful.



Battery life can be iffy on Android. If you’re lucky enough to spend a decent amount of money, your Android will probably have good battery. However, if you buy one of the many midrange Android devices out there, you’ll most likely be left with mediocre battery life.

Not to worry, there’s Greenify. Unlike other “battery saving apps,” this one actually works. We’ve talked about it extensively on Make Tech Easier before, but suffice it to say that with root access, apps that you don’t use all the time, or apps that you want shut off will be done so automatically, saving you precious battery life.

If you’re on Marshmallow, you’ll also be able to take advantage of “aggressive doze,” a more beefed up version of the battery saving in 6.0.

Titanium Backup


There are many different backup programs for Android, but few are as handy as this app. The difference is that most backup tools usually either take an entire snapshot of the system (custom recovery), or back up the APK files themselves. These are fine but not nearly as useful in as many cases as Titanium.

With Titanium, a backup of an app is an entire snapshot of preferences and everything else. If you were going to re-install Android on your device, you could run a mass-backup, and all of your data, accounts, and everything would be saved and ready to re-enable at the touch of a button or two. It also supports features such as freezing apps and uninstalling root programs.


When it comes to actual utility, root tools always have a way of coming out on top. Sure, there are probably hundreds of non-root tools worthy of mention, but few are as useful as some of the ones on this list. Obviously, this isn’t a be-all-end-all list. There are tons of good utility apps for rooted Android devices, and it’d take years to give each one it’s deserved attention.

What are your favorite root tools for Android? Tell us below!

Image Credit: Science Times

Derrik Diener
Derrik Diener

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