10 Useful YouTube Channels That Teach You How to Code

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Learning to code can be a complicated affair. If you’ve found that to be true, but you still would like to learn the skill, you may benefit from online video tutorials. These project-based tutorials offer the chance to create actual programs and apps by “coding along” with the maker of the video. Whether you’re looking to learn mobile app development or trying to get acquainted with HTML or a programming language such as PHP, this article brings together some of the best YouTube channels that will help you learn how to code.

1. Code with Chris

This channel was started by Chris Ching, a former iOS developer who took his love of educating his team and created CodeWithChris.com. His goal is to teach others how to create iOS apps.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Code With Chris

He started the YouTube channel Code With Chris in 2013, and it now has over 400K subscribers. His videos allow the viewers to code along with him from start to finish as he builds and submits apps to the Apple App Store.

The channel includes series such as “How to Build a Match Game” and “How to Make a YouTube Video App.”

2. Code Whisperer

On the Code Whisperer’s channel, you will find a variety of shorter code-along projects such as creating a CSS Jack-o-lantern and JavaScript Snakes and Ladders.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Code Wispherer

He offers more humorist approach to coding with videos such as “JavaScript Explained with Game of Thrones”. For those seeking a lighter yet still knowledge-filled approach to learning JavaScript, this channel might be just up your alley.

3. One Lone Coder

Javidx9 runs the channel The One Lone Coder. He is a programmer who began his love of coding at the age of 9. He creates these videos on the side for fun when he is not working for a company that produces robotic machinery.

Youtube Channels Learning Code One Lone Coder

His videos teach C++ as a language for making games. These videos explain the language and the math required for game development in a way that is easy to understand. The video library includes tutorials on creating role-playing games, a sound synthesizer, and Tetris.

4. PixelogicTV

PixelogicTV! is an extension of the PixelogicDev community on Twitch. On this channel, you will see each of their code-along projects created during 28 days. They are also live-streamed on Twitch.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Pixelogictv

This channel includes tutorials on creating iOS apps such as a daily habit app and a Music Playlist Social Platform.

5. Sentdex

The administrator of the Sentdex channel is somewhat of a legend in the Python community. His channel has been around since 2012 and boasts over 1M subscribers. There are over 1,000 videos that teach every aspect of the language.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Sentdex

His code along tutorials on his Python Pygame playlist teach how to create an object avoidance game. Later episodes explain other aspects of game creation like start menus, game pausing, and converting your game into an executable file that will work on any system.

6. Let’s Build that App

The Let’s Build that App Channel has over 160,000 subscribers and 400 videos, many of them code-along videos. Brian Voong is the administrator of the channel, and he teaches his viewers to build working apps such as YouTube, Twitter, and Audible.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Lets Build That App

The code-along videos use Apple’s Swift programming language. The channel also includes useful tips and tutorials on essential parts of app development, as well as a new series on how to build Android apps with Kotlin.

7. freeCodeCamp

As an aspiring programmer, you’re probably familiar with the freeCodeCamp website. Well their associated YouTube channel is just as you’d expect – teeming with all kinds of useful video tutorials that you can follow along in your code editor.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Freecodecamp

Their tutorials cover all kinds of areas of knowledge including Python, JavaScript, Java, SQL, Figma, HTML, CSS and lot more. You’ll also find material dealing with topics such as machine learning, ethical hacking, computer science, and even coding interview problems.

8. ProgrammingKnowledge

ProgrammingKnowledge is a YouTube channel which boats a HUGE library of tutorials covering everything you might ever want to know. From Unity, Node.js and Git to PHP, Python and C, you will need to look no further than ProgrammingKnowledge.

A lot of their videos are aimed at beginners, but more advanced users will certainly have what to learn from this channel as well. ProgrammingKnowledge also cover affiliate topics, for instance, Ubuntu, Linux, Adobe Illustrator, Windows 11, and more.

9. Kevin Powell

Kevin Powell is an educator who calls himself a CSS evangelist and he aims to teach people how to make the web and make it look good while they are at it. He’s certainly gifted as an educator and his video tutorials are easy to follow and the included concepts are very well explained.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Kevil Powell

By following his videos you’ll be able to create simple websites from scratch and maybe fall in love with CSS in the process, as well. You’ll be amazed to learn about all the things you can do JUST with CSS, so this channel comes highly recommended.

10. Keep Coding

Keep Coding by MDB is a great channel to follow if you recently developed an interest for Bootstrap. They have a series of engaging tutorials on the topic, one of which actually teaches you to design a landing page using mostly Bootstrap.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Keep Coding

Of course their channel is not limited to Bootstrap, and so you’ll find interesting videos covering areas such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, WordPress, PHP, and more.

Bonus: Treehouse

Treehouse is a channel that might be helpful if you’re a complete noob when it comes to programming. Let’s say you’ve recently made the decision to take up programming, but you’re not exactly sure which language is for you. Treehouse has a video that might help you decide. In addition, you can learn about the basics of being a front end developer or a what you need to know before becoming a back end developer and so on.

Youtube Channels Learning Code Treehouse

If you’re a bit more advanced than that, Treehouse puts at your disposal videos that cover aspects related to Android app development, Git, JavaScript, Vue.js, Angular and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I expand my programming knowledge using online tools?

If free video explainers aren’t enough for you, you might want to take a look at websites such as Udemy and Coursera to supplement your knowledge. You’ll find a wide variety of programming courses and some of them are actually really interactive and useful. Read the reviews before selecting one, and if you’re not in the hurry wait until the courses you’re targeting are up for a promotion. These are offered quite often, so you won’t need to wait a long time.

2. Do I need a new laptop/PC to start programming?

In theory no, but a laptop/PC with a good configuration will help you optimize your workflow. When programming, you’ll need to use different tools in tandem, so you’ll want a device that won’t take forever to load a program and perform a command. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to laptops/PCs for programming, check out our guide which will help you choose the best device.

3. How can I master the fundamentals of programming?

You need to practice a lot, but answering these 5 questions might also help you grasp the fundamentals of programming.

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