5 Useful Web-Clipping Apps for You to Save Content and Stay Organized

When researching online, it is really important to keep your content organized so you can put it up all together later. Saving a specific part of content on a website is all part of the process. Gone are those days where you had to take a screenshot of the content and manage it by yourself by creating folders. Luckily, we now have web-clipping apps and services that can help us save and organize the Web content. Here are some of the best web clipper apps that are available on various platforms.

1. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has many many popular apps and services available for mobile and PC that help individuals and teams be more productive. One of them is Web Clipper. Evernote’s Web Clipper can be used in many ways. It can work as a read-it-later app, or you can use it for research to collect specific content from various websites.


If you want to take a full screenshot of the page, the Web Clipper can do that for you as well. Apart from that, when you take a screenshot of specific content on a website, you get a set of annotation tools to highlight specific text. In my opinion, it’s one of the quickest annotation tools available online. Apart from saving the Web content, you can even organize the saved screenshots and clippings in a notebook which is the core feature of Evernote. It is available on all web platforms, and you can sync it across your PC and mobile devices.

2. OneNote Web Clipper

OneNote’s Web Clipper is similar to that of Evernote. You can take a full screenshot of a page, or you can capture a small portion of the page and add a note to it. The article that you clip can also be highlighted and formatted according to your liking.


You can even use it as a read-it-later app for offline reading. To organize your clips, you get the option of saving the clip to your choice of location(notebook). The service is available across all platforms from web browsers on PC/Mac to mobile devices.

3. Nimbus Clipper

Nimbus Clipper is not as popular as the two mentioned above, but it is a great service and a healthy competition. It has all the basic features that a web clipper app should have, and it has a few unique features worth mentioning. First, the clipper application is integrated with its note-taking application, so all your clips are stored in Nimbus Note.


While saving a clip, it also gives the option to save all the images that are currently being displayed on the web page. This is helpful if you want a separate category where you can manage all the images. You can easily organize your clips and add notes to them; tags are automatically added when you save the clip. There’s a small to-do list module for you to add your tasks regarding the clip. The application is available as a browser extension and Android app

4. Notebook Web Clipper

If you are looking for a very simple but effective web-clipping app, then Notebook Web Clipper is the one for you. There are three main features: the “Clean Form” for clutter-free reading, link saving and snapping a screenshot of the page. The Clipper app is integrated with the Notebook app which is a note-taking app. All the clippings get saved as notes in the Notebook app.


You can drag and drop images in the extension and paste necessary text that you need to create a note. The article link gets saved automatically and is synced across other devices. You can change the color of the note and assign the note to a custom notebook for better organization. The web clipper is available as a Chrome extension and the Notebook app is available on Mac, iOS, and Android only.

5. Pocket

Pocket might not have the web-clipping functionalities like taking screenshots and highlighting text, but it is still an excellent candidate for this list in my opinion. The article saving features as well as the one to organize content using tags and categories is brilliant. As a read-it-later app, you get full control over offline viewing of your saved content.


It is easy to use and has a simple and neat design. The built-in article viewer gives a great reading experience with a clutter-free view of the article. Saving an article on the web browser is as easy as clicking the extension button. The same is available on mobile devices by sharing the link to the app and later adding tags for organization. The application is available across all web platforms and mobile devices.


In the past few years we’ve seen many web-clipping apps shut down due to small user base and high competition. However, we managed to give you a list of some of the best apps that will help you save and organize your favorite web content. So, which is your favorite web-clipping app? Did we miss yours? Let us know down in the comments.

Abhishek Macwan
Abhishek Macwan

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